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Gardeners Becontree RM8

Then you need to speak to Handy Gardeners! We’ve been operating throughout RM8 for many years, specialising in all aspects of Becontree garden maintenance. Our highly qualified teams provide an excellent value range of garden design RM8, maintenance and general gardening services in Becontree. Our customers are local residents and businesses in the RM9 and the RM10 districts and beyond. We don’t have a minimum size order and so can take on the small jobs like hedge trimming or the big jobs like garden landscaping. Our prices are the lowest you’ll find anywhere around. Why don’t you find out by calling 020 3744 0111 for a free consultation?

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Gardeners in Becontree RM8

Book Cheap Gardening Services in Becontree, RM8

Our expert gardeners have extensive experience and are highly qualified in their field. Together with their creative vision, they can create the most beautifully landscaped gardens no matter how much area they have to work with. Our landscapers will come to your RM9 home and show you some ideas for you to consider and we guarantee you’ll be delighted with their suggestions. Our landscaping services in RM8 are also able to create an entire lawn area should you require it, with fresh lawn planting. We can lay paths and patios that enhance your garden or create ornamental ponds and water features. Run wild with your imagination with the guidance of our landscaping professionals. You won’t believe the results and you’ll be amazed at the low price!

Gardening Services That Will Blow Your Mind!

Wouldn’t you love to have one of those lawn areas in your garden that has those amazing stripes of vivid green running through it? You know, the kind of lawns that you see in stately homes? Well for an incredibly low price we can deliver that to you with our super-popular lawn care services. Say goodbye to worn patches of grass and dirt piles and hello to a luxurious green velvet lawn that will look picture perfect! It doesn’t matter if you just have a small area for lawn planting because we don’t set a minimum order. We can give you a lush lawn no matter where your outside space is – even on the roof! Call our gardeners in Becontree today on 020 3744 0111 and talk to an expert.

List of services we provide in Becontree, RM8

    • Garden Clearance in Becontree, RM8
    • Landscaping Design in Becontree, RM8
    • Outdoor Repairs in Becontree, RM8
    • Lawn Maintenance in Becontree, RM8
    • Leaf Clearance in Becontree, RM8
    • Hedge Trimming in Becontree, RM8

Does Your Garden in Becontree Need a General Clean-Up?

Perhaps you have just moved to a new home in Becontree and the garden is lost under junk or you just want to spruce up your outside space? Whatever your garden clean up requirements, we have a bargain service to suit you. With our RM8 gardening care we will remove and clear any leaves that may have accumulated with their amazing leaf collection equipment. We can strip and prune any overgrown bushes, hedges or trees and then cut the grass to finish off. Our garden clearance service will return your garden to its former condition – before things got out of hand! You’ll be surprised at how much better your garden in RM10 will look and it will once again be a great place for you to relax.

The Gardening Professionals in Becontree can help you save money!

Handy Gardeners only employs the most skilled and proficient Becontree lawn care experts to work on teams in the RM8 region and they are unbelievably good value! You simply won’t believe our low prices for all gardening services from one-off clearance to a full on garden design. Our local customers come back to us because they know they will get a tip-top job done in their garden for a rock-bottom price! Why don’t you find out for yourself and call 020 3744 0111 for a free estimate. Act now and we’ll give you an extra special deal!

Our Testimonials

I was pretty surprised when I heard how much cheaper their rates were when compared to other lawn care companies in the Becontree RM8 area. They send their team out every week and keep my property looking great.

  • Manuela P.
  • 05May 2021

I recently bought a rental property in the Becontree area. I hired this company to handle the landscaping. They have been terrific, and their prices are fairly reasonable.

  • Melanie T.
  • 28Jan 2021

I didn't think their lawn care team would manage it. But after implementing some special techniques and working their magic, they made my lawn look fabulous again in RM8.

  • Sammy H
  • 10Dec 2020

I use the talented garden designers at Handy Gardeners in Becontree RM8 to assist me in all of my client's renovations in landscaping. I recommend you to do the same.

  • Michael
  • 06Nov 2020

I am having my daughter's wedding reception hosted in the back garden of my RM8 property. I wanted it to be perfect and hired the expert landscaping team from Handy Gardeners. They did a really good job, and it was cheaper than expected as well.

  • Alexis W.
  • 18Sep 2020

I'm rubbish at anything to do with gardening which is why I got Handy Gardeners to do it all. They aren't expensive and made my Becontree garden look amazing. So happy.

  • Carole Shipman
  • 14Aug 2020

My new lawn and landscaping have just upped the value of my home in RM8! The appraiser said its curb appeal has skyrocketed since I used your service. Now that's good news.

  • Arlene Dobson
  • 05Mar 2020

I barely get the time to take care of my lawns. And when am home, all I want to do is sleep or read my book. Handy Gardeners transformed my ugly lawns and backyard, and now I cannot get enough of the sunset and sunrise view at my backyard.

  • Erica
  • 14Jan 2020

We had their gardeners look at our lawn in Becontree, and do some hedge trimming, as well as replacing our back hedge with something more suitable for our needs. Initially, we thought that the back hedge would be too much for them, as it was quite old, tall and very strong. But they had no trouble whatsoever! Very pleased!

  • Duke N.
  • 29Oct 2019

Hired the garden landscaper, in Becontree, who was sent via your firm. It was a great quality service, and the garden looks amazing now. Thank you.

  • Dawn
  • 02Aug 2019

Handy Gardeners trimmed my hedge, and now it looks fabulous! They are really the best in hedge trimming service in Becontree.

  • Michael C.
  • 17Jun 2019

I got a fab service and deal on gardening services in Becontree from Handy Gardeners. Cheap as you like but completely professional in every way.

  • Luke
  • 09May 2019

I am happy with the work of their gardeners in Becontree RM8! They went above and beyond to accommodate my gardening requirements and even provided me with tips on how to take care of my plants. Real professionals!

  • Adam B.
  • 22Feb 2017

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