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Our Services

What landscaping services do we offer?

Decking Service Garden Walling Planting Fencing Landscape Edging Flower Borders Garden Walkways Paving Patio Paving Turfing Lawn Installation Paving Driveways
and even more:
Tree SurgeryTree Surgery

Our tree surgeons are experts in hedge cutting, pruning branches and felling trees. We use modern equipment to ensure we achieve the best results.

Shed BuildingSheds Building or Renovation

Want to renovate your shed or build a new one? We can design sheds of different sizes, colours and shapes that are perfect for your needs.

Irrigation SystemsIrrigation Systems

Our experts can design and install the best irrigation system for your outdoor space and ensure your flowers and greenery are watered regularly.

Garden LightingGarden Lighting

Enjoy your outdoor space even at night-time! We will provide you with quality outdoor lights for a stylish exterior lighting design.

Garden DecorationGarden Decoration

We can make even the plainest garden look stunning. Decorate your outdoor space with style! Hire the best gardeners in London!

Choose From A Range Of Outstanding Landscaping Services

Excellent Landscaping And Garden Design At An Affordable Cost
Expert onsite consultation with no obligation necessary
Excellent results guaranteed

Have you ever dreamt of having an oasis in your backyard? Then you have come to the right place. Handy Gardeners can help you get the garden of your dreams without having to spend a fortune on landscaping and garden design in London. Just discuss your ideas with our garden landscapers and we will design the most stunning garden for you. Book now and get a beautiful garden that's the envy of the street!


How the process works?

Contact us at any time and discuss your needs with our knowledgeable customer service team. Share your ideas with our team, tell us exactly what you need doing and when you want us to complete the job.

We will send a team of gardeners at a time and date convenient for you and they will give you a free estimate. Let them know exactly what you require and give them all the details of your project so that they can give you an accurate estimation. They will offer you professional advice, helpful tips and ideas that you can implement in your gardening project.

Our expert garden landscapers London will get on with the job as soon as you we agree on the price.

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Are You On The Lookout For Landscape Gardeners?

London Landscapers

If you are looking for landscape gardeners, then we are here to help you. One of the priorities that we have is the huge amount of experience we have built up over the years. Landscaping can sometimes be more difficult than weed control or grass cutting, that’s why we want to make sure that every single customer has received a top quality service. Our professionals are reliable and very skilful, they can even help you design your garden from scratch. A lot of our customers are amazed by the quality of the results which we provide.

Another fantastic element of the gardening service we offer is making sure that you get the best value for your money. Many companies charge quite a lot for their gardening services and they don't even do their job properly. However, we always make sure that our customers receive the right services for the right amount of money. With our great offers and our commitment to delivering on the best quality of services, you can always be assured that you and your garden are in the best hands.

London Landscape GardenersHandy Gardeners understands how important our client’s gardens are to their home and well-being and we want to make sure that their gardens are treated in the best professional way. If you are searching for a way to improve or redecorate your garden, then our services go even beyond hedge trimming, pruning, leaf collection, etc. We work tirelessly to satisfy your needs and treat your garden or lawn to the highest quality of professionalism. There is no better company out there to handle all the gardening and the landscaping services you need. Call 020 3744 0111 now to find out more.

Our Testimonials

For a garden maintenance company, Handy Gardeners is pretty top-notch. The yard is always well-kept looking when they work on it.

  • Kasey J.
  • 02Oct 2019

This is a great landscaping service. They do the work well and offer some of the lowest rates in London.

  • Shawnee Smith
  • 30Sep 2019

The guys were great. Genuine customer service that is exceedingly rare with most companies. Cannot recommend Handy Gardeners highly enough.

  • Tessie
  • 24Sep 2019

Handy Gardeners is my favorite company when it comes to landscaping because they are eco-friendly and practice sustainable gardening.

  • Ella Clybourne
  • 11Sep 2019

As far as local landscaping companies go, I consider Handy Gardeners the best.

  • Jillian Hues
  • 25Aug 2019

I couldn't be happier with Handy Gardeners. Their gardeners did complete landscaping and turned out fabulous. I will be using their services again.

  • Carol P.
  • 10Jul 2019

I am more than happy with these gardeners. I have used landscaping care services in the area and this company is the best.

  • Kathy B.
  • 14May 2019

It's obvious now that using a professional landscaping company to help with my land would be a good idea. Handy Gardeners is reliable, and the pricing is competitive.

  • Bryan A.
  • 12Jul 2018

These are the best landscapers that money can book. Seriously, everything from flower bed to hedge was treated professionally. The yard looks very attractive now thanks to Handy Gardeners!

  • Mildred Tasker
  • 14Jun 2017

I'm finding that having Handy Gardeners' landscapers regularly, in my property, is quite beneficial to my overall well-being. I don't enjoy yard work at all, so the service they provide me helps tremendously.

  • Winnie G.
  • 31Mar 2017

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