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in London
A freequote and initial consultation
A widevariety of paving slabs and materials

Why choose our driveway paving?

Quick and simple assessment of what can be achieved in your garden

Your perfect paved driveway could be closer than you think with our driveway paving service in London. Handy Gardeners have been paving driveways in London for many years, and with nothing more than a quick call to 020 3744 0111 we could be with you the next day to help you get your ideal driveway. It's also a great way to add value to your home if you ever think of selling. That's why it's important to our landscapers that they do a great job with your driveway paving, and will not let you down. So if you have the desire to get your driveway paved, come to the specialists, who are able provide a wide range of driveway options including:

We know how important it can be to have a well-built paved driveway, especially in London, where parking isn't easy

Traditional paving

Bespoke driveway design

Mixed-materials paving

Stone paving

We have years of experience designing and paving driveways in London

Many of our customers are surprised when they discover that in addition to garden design, our gardeners are also able to help with driveway design and construction. Our driveway pavers are highly experienced and have helped hundreds of London residents get the driveway they want for their home. From simple updates to existing paved driveways, to completely new driveway design and creation, our landscaping team have done it all.

Discounts and special offers for additional garden design services

And when you choose to work with Handy Gardeners you not only get the benefit of the support of our expert landscapers, but you also get:

The best

prices in London

An extensive range

of options for your driveway

Comprehensive support

from the moment you call us on 020 3744 0111

How it all works

Creating your perfect driveway with you

If you are looking to install a new driveway in your London home, you may be a little unsure of how it all works. But we promise that when you work with our landscaping team, you will have no cause to worry - we make it a smooth and easy process because we excel at paving driveways so you won't need to worry about a thing.

The first step to getting your driveway paved is to give us a call on 020 3744 0111 and let us know what you need.

We will then arrange a time to have an initial consultation to explore the best option for you, work out what materials we need, and how long we anticipate it will take.

From then on we'll tackle everything; we will organise the materials, arrange the construction, and do all the hard work, while minimising any disruption to your home and family.

When you choose to work with us you get:
Free first visit

and free advice on your driveway needs

Expert support

from our garden design team

Book now

to suit your needs - we will work around you

On-going support

following the construction of your new driveway

How to access our services

Are you ready to get your new driveway set up in your home? Then come to speak to our London garden landscapers today and we can help make it happen. All you need to do is call us on 020 3744 0111, let us know what you need, when you need it, and we'll get on the case. Our team are always ready and waiting to help local residents achieve their driveway project.

Our Testimonials

Handy Gardeners' has a great paving driveway. Been using them for years, and have never found a fault.

  • Sarah Wellington
  • 03Oct 2019

Handy Gardeners is incredible! The gardening team worked speedily. No doubt, the best company.

  • Susanne
  • 24Sep 2019

Absolutely the very best paving driveway. Bless you!

  • Jia
  • 16Sep 2019

I would hire these gardeners again. They did a very good job and did not charge exorbitant rates. One of the best in the neighborhood.

  • Cassie T.
  • 12Sep 2019

Skilled team for paving driveway in London. They showed up on time and got the job done. Never looked any better!

  • Leyla
  • 12Sep 2019

Every paving driveway service I have felt earned their rates. Most are overpriced and their gardeners do an average job. Not Handy Gardeners. They have a terrific team and low, affordable prices.

  • Krista N.
  • 10Jun 2019

If you live in London and need an affordable paving driveway service, call this company. They have amazing gardeners and even better prices. Top-notch company.

  • Drake E.
  • 02Jul 2018

Handy Gardeners' handled the driveway paving and did a great job. Will have them come out to my home in West London on a regular basis for the garden from now on!

  • Jon Paisley
  • 17Oct 2017

I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner - having gardeners from Handy Gardeners come and take care of my property.

  • Ginger Pryor
  • 13Sep 2017

Still can't get over the fact of how much time you can get back for yourself by booking Handy Gardeners' services. My driveway now looks just as good as everyone else's!

  • Byron H.
  • 12Jun 2017

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