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Tree Surgery
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  • Professional tree maintenance
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Lawn Mowing
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  • Top gardening service
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Magnificent lawn care for a new build.

  • David Bull
  • 17Jul 2024

Diligent garden management team that prioritizes client satisfaction and never fails to impress with their work.

  • George M.
  • 09Jul 2024

Timely and effective communication for a justifiable fee.

  • Haley W.
  • 13Feb 2024

Exceptionally communicated with a good price point.

  • J. Martin
  • 05Feb 2024

I highly recommend this gardening service to anyone in need of top-quality results. Their professionalism and expertise are unmatched.

  • Kathy
  • 25Jan 2024

Exceptional gardening service, extraordinarily responsive and charitable, intensely dedicated gardeners.

  • Emily P.
  • 15Jan 2024

Don't hesitate to hire this team for your next gardening project. They will exceed your expectations with their hard work, kindness, and fair pricing.

  • Charlotte
  • 20Dec 2023

His help enabled us to get exactly what we needed, and that, coupled with the wonderful service provided by Landscape Gardeners, leaves us highly satisfied.

  • Judith Price
  • 28Nov 2023

Job done perfectly within the promised time-frame; very pleased with what they achieved for my driveway's look.

  • S. Miller
  • 14Nov 2023

Overjoyed with the grass shearing service and rate.

  • Denis Knight
  • 31Oct 2023

Extremely polite and efficient crew who finished the job quickly and up to expectations; superlative service!

  • K. Ghorpade
  • 19Oct 2023

Incredible service, already got a future booking in place.

  • William N.
  • 29Jul 2023

I didn't see what their garden care team did exactly. But it was like the professionals from HandyGardeners breathed fresh life into my garden. It looked different, just seemed like it was healthier. I'd certainly recommend this firm. They achieve results.

  • Glenn A
  • 19Jul 2023

Extremely convivial and worked indefatigably in the garden.

  • John M.
  • 07Jul 2023

Utterly impressed by Gardening Services's performance in my garden - utter perfection! Not once did I find any traces of mess; the staff worked professionally throughout and even tidied up after themselves - wonderful job done!

  • Ken B.
  • 06Jun 2023

The workers employed by Landscape Gardeners threw themselves into every task under an unforgiving sun and with no frivolous delays. My satisfaction with what I paid prompted me to redirect them towards my mother's house shortly afterwards, making sure her green area gets some TLC too!

  • Randy S
  • 09May 2023

With having used many different landscapers over the years, I am certain that Garden Designers London stands out as one of the very best. Whenever they have dealt with my properties, their work has been of an incredibly high standard, so there's no way I'd go to someone else.

  • Darrell Franklin
  • 25Apr 2023

I'm always pleased with the service provided by Landscape Gardeners, their rapid gardeners never fail to do an impeccable job when mowing my lawn.

  • Arnold
  • 06Apr 2023

Arrived promptly and politeness was paramount - completed work almost effortlessly and collected all garbage from garden himself; will definitely be returning to utilise Garden Designers London's services again soon!

  • Elizabeth M
  • 21Feb 2023

My overall experience of HandyGardeners was great! The gardeners accomplished the task in no time at all, whilst also being super friendly while they did so! It was really pleasant to deal with them, plus their charges were really affordable!

  • Angela M.
  • 06Feb 2023

Garden Designers London's work was really exemplary and I'd highly suggest using them. The garden has come up a treat and if I need anything else, they're the first people on my list!

  • Essie Hudgens
  • 26Jan 2023

The garden care service was fantastic. It was just what my garden needed. It was in a really bad state after the winter months, was messy and overgrown. This brilliant company were able to rectify the situation.

  • L. Speed
  • 13Aug 2021

This was the best lawn care service that I have ever had. Thank you Gardening Services!

  • Britney J.
  • 06Aug 2019

Gardening services like those offered by this firm are few and far between. The company don't just offer such services, they deliver too. The company, their team and their services were just exceptional.

  • R. Hinchcliff
  • 03Apr 2019

What the garden design team did was just flawless. the design team blew me away with their level of skill and expertise. It truly was an amazing service.

  • Hayley
  • 29Mar 2019

I searched a long time for a professional landscaping team. I did my research, and Landscape Gardeners stood out for me. I gave them a call and after that my mind was made up. It was plain sailing. I'm thrilled I chose them to handle the project.

  • D. Little
  • 07Mar 2019

I worked in gardening for years. After retiring, I moved out of town and needed someone to complete outside work for me. On recommendation from a past client of mine, I chose Handy Gardeners. Not only did I receive a great job but I got a great discount. Their gardening work was just as good as mine. Providing I could still do it.

  • S. Miller
  • 08Feb 2019

Gardening Services are experts when it comes to gardening. They came out to my home and did top of the line work at reasonable prices. There is nobody else I will ever use.

  • M. Winecomb
  • 16Jan 2019

The gardeners were utter pros. I won't hesitate to use them again.

  • Phoebe A.
  • 20Dec 2018

The lawn care service was carried out to the appropriate standard. It was a faultless service from Landscape Gardeners. I have no complaints.

  • Noreen S.
  • 08Nov 2018

The garden maintenance service certainly proved to be value for money. Gardening Company have made my neglected garden look great again.

  • K. Woodall
  • 09Oct 2018

I definitely recommend Handy Gardeners. Their gardeners were friendly, professional, and went about their work the right way. The service they carried out was also competitively priced.

  • Lewis M.
  • 09Oct 2018

Thanks to Landscape Gardeners I've been spending a lot of time in my garden recently. I've been enjoying my garden a lot more thanks to their garden care team.

  • J. Butler
  • 10Sep 2018

The overgrown mess in my back garden now looks clean and appealing again. I can now enjoy my garden again thanks to the gardeners and Gardening Company as a whole.

  • Clarissa S.
  • 10Sep 2018

The gardeners were quick, courteous, and gave me a good price. It was just the ideal service.

  • D. Little
  • 16Aug 2018

The garden landscapers gave my garden a complete makeover. They were creative, completed all work to a high standard and just did a top job.

  • Andy S.
  • 02Aug 2018

I called Garden Designers London with a last-minute request to do some landscaping work. They responded immediately and got on with the job right away with the utmost professionalism. It was a very good service.

  • Adam E.
  • 17Jul 2018

My garden was in a really bad state. But their garden maintenance team soon turned things around. The service was cheap too. It was just an all-round great experience. TY HandyGardeners!

  • Ralph R.
  • 04Jul 2018

hedge pruning service was cheap and completed to a high standard.

  • Naomi
  • 13Jun 2018

Big props to your gardeners. Everything was completed speedily and professionally. I couldn't fault any aspect of the service.

  • R. Johnson
  • 04Jun 2018

It's cheap and professional service. I recently hired them for garden maintenance. Once again it turned out to be a great decision.

  • K. Thomas
  • 29May 2018

I frequently use HandyGardeners for garden care. They're the only company I consider.

  • Lucy B.
  • 09May 2018

Great job.

  • Martin
  • 18Apr 2018

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a gardener. I have always lived in places where I didn't have to worry about it until this year when I moved in with my boyfriend, now suddenly I have to worry about hedges, grass, you name it. (He is a dream and helps with everything else, but his allergies make it horrible for him to work outside very long at all). I did a ton of research online because I knew I didn't have a ton to spend, and I didn't want to waste my time (or money) on gardening services that weren't going to do what I needed them to. I found a ton of really great reviews about Garden Designers London, so I ended up getting ahold of them, and I am really glad I went ahead and spent the money on it. Everything looks so nice, green and pretty. It looks like a whole other garden. You spend money to maintain everything else, and your home is your biggest investment, so to me it just makes sense to spend money on keeping it looking good. I would recommend these guys to anyone (and have)!

  • Jessica
  • 17Apr 2018

Finding good landscape gardeners is pretty tricky. I found a bunch of experts at Landscape Gardeners. The work they did was utterly fabulous. Everyone's praised their work.

  • A. Byrne
  • 26Mar 2018

I can't recommend this gardening company highly enough! Gardening Services never fail to amaze.

  • H. Litner
  • 14Mar 2018

I had used a landscaping service for many years and stopped because it was too expensive. I saw an advertisement for Landscape Gardeners and it was such a great deal, I decided to give them a go. Their service is excellent and the price cannot be beat!

  • Harry Martin
  • 19Feb 2018

I own a business with a bit of a garden, but I am so busy with paperwork, clients, meetings etc. I do not have the time to mess with garden maintenance on top of it. Nor did I have money in the budget for another part time employee to take care of it. A good friend of mine (also a business owner) has been using HandyGardeners and recommended them to me. I do not like to spend a fortune on services like this, but I was really impressed by the price they quoted me. I was even more impressed when they showed up on time and did exactly what they said they were going to do!

  • James
  • 07Feb 2018

Excellent service!

  • Anne
  • 07Feb 2018

Just finished my first ever garden waste removal services through Gardening Company. I have never had a professional work on my garden before, I just never understood the expense. My sister called them for me as sort of a house warming gift, and now I'm hooked! It really does look so much nicer than anything I could've done on my own. They have a very friendly staff, they did an amazing job, and when they quoted me for the next time, they have very affordable prices. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I was really happy with how it turned out. Thanks!

  • T. West
  • 09Jan 2018

Garden maintenance isn't something I particularly like or am good at. Being able to call upon Gardening Company provides me with a way out. Their services are cheap, and the team always do a terrific job. Their services are just what I'm after.

  • C. Leveson
  • 12Dec 2017

I needed a team of gardeners I could trust to get the job done right. I found that team at Gardening Company.

  • Nial Q.
  • 04Dec 2017

I had my whole garden done with Garden Designers London. Their gardeners were terrific and completed all jobs to a high standard.

  • James
  • 07Nov 2017

I never thought I'd find gardening services as good as the one I received from Gardening Services. Their team did a splendid job and left my garden in top condition.

  • Cheryl J.
  • 27Oct 2017

Handy Gardeners provided me with a competitive quote. I went with them and their gardeners didn't disappoint. They were extremely efficient, did a great job, and even tidied up after themselves. I couldn't ask for more.

  • Gregg V.
  • 06Oct 2017

Really pleased I chose to hire Handy Gardeners out of all the gardening services out there, not only are they the cheapest, but they are also professional, reliable and extremely good at what they do.

  • Darren S.
  • 26Sep 2017

I've never hired a gardening service before so didn't really know what to expect, but the guy from Gardening Company turned up on the first day and basically asked me to tell him what I wanted doing. So I told him and he just cracked on with it, no hesitation, helping with everything from my overgrown lawn to helping me start designing my own vegetable patch. They have literally turned my garden around.

  • Lucy Hanson
  • 14Sep 2017

I was very impressed with the staff at Handy Gardeners. They delivered a great gardening service and gave us a very lucrative deal. Thanks again!

  • Sammy
  • 29Aug 2017

Every time I need some good gardeners I call Garden Designers London! Great work, guys!

  • John V.
  • 09Aug 2017

I used Handy Gardeners for garden landscaping recently. They did a nice job of it and at a very affordable cost. Great company!

  • J. Stone
  • 27Jul 2017

Garden maintenance is not my strong suit, so I always hire it out. I had a bit of trouble with my last company and needed someone else. All the reviews online for Garden Designers London seemed really positive, so I got ahold of them. I have not been disappointed! The crew are very friendly and professional!

  • Erica A.
  • 07Jul 2017

HandyGardeners did me right. Carried out the landscaping job just as described, and right on the nose with regards to the estimate. Would recommend.

  • Fiona Sneddon
  • 28Jun 2017

We employed Garden Designers London to do both the front and back garden areas. We are very pleased with both jobs. We have since recommended this company and their polite, hard-working crew to our friends and family. Good, fair prices, quality work and nice people to do business with. We will definitely use them for any further landscaping work that needs taking care of.

  • Mary Coombe
  • 13Jun 2017

The best value for money gardening services. HandyGardeners are absolutely fantastic.

  • Olivia Buck
  • 31May 2017

Magnificent landscaping services. Really competitive prices considering how much quality work they put into it. We were really very pleased and had to out of our way to recommend them to others. You should definitely use HandyGardeners.

  • Vic Coleman
  • 12May 2017

We got a great deal on our lawn care with Garden Designers London. Really cheap prices and the work done was brilliant.

  • S. Burns
  • 03May 2017

I don't know anything about gardening so I called Gardening Services to take care of my home garden and they did a better job than I could have imagined, definitely recommend.

  • L. Cameron
  • 24Apr 2017

Gardening made easy and fun, Gardening Company really knows how to do business.

  • Rick F.
  • 07Apr 2017

Winter ended and my garden was instantly transformed into one ugly, muddy mess. I called Garden Designers London for an estimate, the price seemed fair. They sent out a gardener who whipped the whole place in shape in no time. Recommending to friends and family!

  • Monica B.
  • 22Mar 2017

I haven't had much experience with hiring gardeners but Handy Gardeners made it so easy. I told them what I needed and it was done perfectly. A good gardening service at low cost!

  • J. Cole
  • 17Mar 2017

Hired Gardening Services for patio cleaning and got an immaculate patio within a few hours. The service was great and cheap too.

  • Natalie
  • 10Feb 2017

Friendly and efficient gardeners! Chose Garden Designers London and didn't regret it!

  • Dylan
  • 26Jan 2017

Their garden maintenance service was efficient and cheap. Gardening Services really deliver!

  • G. Bailey
  • 18Jan 2017

Garden Designers London offers the cheapest landscaping services in London. I have used many companies in the past and I can confidently say that they are the best!

  • Sybil Davidson
  • 07Dec 2016

I really appreciate the help of Landscape Gardeners! The landscape gardeners are true professionals and know how to treat a customer! Trustworthy and cheap!

  • Maisie
  • 15Nov 2016

Price was a major factor for me when choosing to hire a garden maintenance service, but when I heard about HandyGardeners and their prices, I didn't think twice about going ahead and making a booking. I felt vindicated when I inspected their work, all of which was faultless and professionally carried out.

  • Steve J.
  • 28Oct 2016

Handy Gardeners have been doing fantastic work for me. They have been seeing to a few things in my garden every few weeks but it is the lawn I am most impressed with. They have been keeping it perfectly trim and healthy, so it always looks great. If you want a top garden maintenance team, then look no further.

  • Rebecca Lane
  • 29Sep 2016

I enjoyed my first experience with Handy Gardeners so much that they're now my regular gardening company! They've done a great job at turning my garden around with their amazing planting skills. My garden is bright, colourful and looks healthier than it has in years. The best part is that I don't need to do any of the hard work! Thanks!

  • Jessica
  • 30Aug 2016

I recently moved to a new home and found that the garden was not fit for gardening. I needed an efficient service to remove all the weeds so that I could grow some plants in the garden. After a long search, I decided to hire Handy Gardeners for garden care. They helped remove all the weeds and also planted new varieties of plants in the lawn. All these services came at a decent price. This is being written after their first visit and I'll definitely recommend them for all those who need efficient gardening services.

  • Kevin P.
  • 20Jul 2016

I was in charge of taking care of the garden at our home for a while, but I do so suck at gardening. So, I went looking for gardening services and found HandyGardeners. They had pretty good offers and they handled the garden care better than I had hoped for. Nobody even believed me that I took care of the place!

  • Martin F.
  • 20Jun 2016

Have used HandyGardeners and their gardening services on a number of occasions and have always been very impressed with the quality of the work carried out. We've used them for general maintenance as well as landscaping and have been delighted with the results provided. Have already booked future jobs with them.

  • Kathryn Clough
  • 25May 2016

I needed someone to take care of the trees in my garden, and I decided on Handy Gardeners after reading good things about them on their website. The tree surgeons worked very quickly with the right amount of expertise and diligence. The service was affordable and was available right when I needed it. Really happy with the help I received and would use the service and company again!

  • Ellie W.
  • 27Apr 2016

Gardening Company really are experts when it comes to all things gardening. I've used their services a couples of times now, and to date I haven't been disappointed. Their team did a fantastic job of de-weeding my garden and their clearance services really did wonders for the state of my outdoor space. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to others in need, because I'll certainly be keeping their number handy.

  • Tina C.
  • 01Apr 2016

Garden Designers London is the best gardening company you will find. I highly recommend them. They never fail to amaze me with their absolutely excellent work and I'll definitely be using their gardening services again soon. You should give them a try. Thanks guys!

  • Jake Hubbard
  • 24Feb 2016

I was no longer able to take care of my own gardening but I didn't want my garden to become overgrown, messy, etc. I decided it best to hire a gardening firm and Handy Gardeners were who I called. Their team have kept my garden fully maintained and I don't need to do anything.

  • E. Prescott
  • 15Jan 2016

Landscape Gardeners is an excellent and reliable gardening company that offers first class services! I recently had them come to my home to provide me with gardening services for my semi-detached property because I did not have the equipment to do the job myself and they did an excellent job! I am so pleased that I hired them and would highly recommend them!

  • Rachael Sandoval
  • 05Jan 2016

Handy Gardeners supplied a great lawn mowing service when I wanted help after falling injuring my back from a riding accident. The gardening professionals soon got the lawn in good shape and advised me how to feed and gave tips for weed control, too. The weekly service is cheap and really helps at the moment!

  • Martha Cook
  • 03Dec 2015

I hired HandyGardeners for a tree cutting job and received a really swift and safe service. The gardening experts took control securing the tree safely with special straps to cut down some of the overhanging branches. The staff soon cut down the branches that were hanging over the garage and which looked like they could be potentially dangerous if a storm hit! The service soon got the tree in good shape and for a fair cost.

  • Sandra
  • 17Nov 2015

I‘m not getting any younger and so I opted to hire a reliable gardening service a while ago to help with the weeding, lawn care and planting. I have been using HandyGardeners for over a year now and they do a marvellous job on a weekly basis. My garden has never looked so good, thanks.

  • John Wilson
  • 04Nov 2015

Landscape Gardeners just did a patio cleaning service for me and it looks brilliant. The staff members arrived equipped with the tools for the job and covered up some of the planters - they said they would make some mess. The high power pressure washers soon shifted the dirt that had been there for years! The paving slabs looked like new after the gardeners had finished. The garden cleaning was cheap, and saved me money since I don't have to replace any planters - they look almost perfect now.

  • Scott Green
  • 26Oct 2015

Gardening Services have just landscaped my garden and it looks absolutely amazing. I had to put up with an untidy back garden for years until I won some money in a prize draw, and so decided to do up the garden. The company sent a team of experts to revamp it. They designed it so it was easy to care for and not too much hard work since I was busy with other things as well. The work was done really fast and the garden looks lovely. A great job!

  • Michelle Johnson
  • 15Oct 2015

I was over the moon with Garden Designers London when they did the weeding for us. I didn't like this job so I preferred to hire help. The gardeners did a great job for the money and now I call them on a regular basis.

  • Jenny
  • 08Oct 2015

I don't have time to do the gardening. That's why I call Garden Designers London because I know that I'm guaranteed to get a quality service every time. The best thing about their services is that they do what they say they're going to do. I don't have to worry about leaving them to get on with the job because I know that when they're done and it's my time to inspect their work, that I'll be delighted with the results.

  • Kay Reem
  • 30Sep 2015

I wanted to convert part of my lawn into a flower patch but I didn't know where to start. A friend of mine recommended the planting services of HandyGardeners and I called them for some help. I am so glad I did! They have created an incredible flower pattern for me and also advised me on the most appropriate types of flowers to use and how to care for them. Thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without you!

  • Mary Peters
  • 25Sep 2015

Keeping my garden looking its best is important to me, so I hire Gardening Company to handle things. I know that with their expert gardeners in charge of the job I am guaranteed the best result possible. Their gardening team take care of all the work for me, so I don't have to do a thing. They ensure that by the end of the job, my garden is healthy, clean and attractive. This is a service I heartily recommend.

  • Sean Smith
  • 02Sep 2015

I was looking for some regular gardening support and Landscape Gardeners provided exactly what I needed. I required a firm that could come to my address frequently and ensure that my garden was clean, healthy and orderly. Their services made it simple to get what I needed, so I now have an expert team coming to see to my garden every week. They work thoroughly, yet quickly, so within a few hours I have the best looking garden in the area.

  • Karen Daniels
  • 25Aug 2015

I just wanted to thank the landscaper from Handy Gardeners. I am so pleased with the work that he carried out in my front and backyard. I have been getting compliments from my neighbours on such an elaborately landscaped garden. I make sure that I give your company all the credit. You deserve it! I never thought that it would be possible to transform my garden, considering the mess it was in. Thank you again.

  • Maureen L.
  • 18Aug 2015

I wish to say a big thank you for the superb service we received from HandyGardeners. My wife and I are really impressed with the landscaping work done in our garden. It was a pleasure to have such expert gardeners work in our garden. They transformed the entire front yard. Thanks for sketching out the design before starting with the work. I must say that we are pleased with the final results. Awesome teamwork!

  • Darren W.
  • 07Aug 2015

My kids and I recently moved into a new house. To our disappointment, the garden was a complete mess. It was overgrown and full of weeds. The team from Handy Gardeners had amazing vision on how they could transform the garden into a visual beauty. They handled weed control and landscaping. They worked hard, were punctual and polite. At the end of a hard day's work, the team left the place immaculate. I am really happy with their friendly and professional service.

  • Brenda Evans
  • 30Jul 2015

Weeds were taking over my garden, occupying all the nooks and crevices, on the lawn and between the cracks in my patio, so I really needed to get the problem taken care of. No matter what I tried I couldn't eradicate them for good, so I decided to call Landscape Gardeners. They certainly knew what they were doing, and I have to say that I was mightily impressed with the results. I now have a weed free garden thanks to their gardeners and the expert knowledge that they possess. So thanks for all their efforts!

  • Amy F.
  • 20Jul 2015

I've never been one to particularly like getting my hands dirty to try and take care of my garden, but I do enjoy sitting outside and enjoying my personal outdoor space. Therefore my only option has been to book a garden clearance and maintenance service. I booked with Gardening Company; I was a tad sceptical about booking them at first but they really did do a brilliant job. Their gardeners worked speedily and efficiently and left me with a beautiful, and clear garden, so thanks a bunch to everyone involved!

  • Stuart
  • 13Jul 2015

It sounds really posh to say that you have a landscape gardener but I really do and I'm not posh at all! Landscape Gardeners have professional landscape gardeners that are affordable and really experienced. They do a great job on your landscaping for an unbelievably low price.

  • Shelley
  • 03Jul 2015

I don't really have a lawn area as such but I do have a small courtyard I like to enjoy a morning coffee in. I wondered if there was anything a professional landscape gardener could do to enhance the space a little more for me. I also wondered if it was hugely expensive! I called Garden Designers London who sent round on of their gardening experts who then drew me up a plan of ideas for my courtyard. I was absolutely blown away with the results and the price!

  • Sebastian F.
  • 23Jun 2015

I have quite a small back garden, but I still wanted to be able to enjoy the perks my outdoor space. I wanted to have a small vegetable patch and a flower bed, and maybe a corner to hang my hammock. But I couldn't quite figure out how to fit all those into such a limited space. I contacted HandyGardeners and they gave me a perfect solution. Their landscaping and gardening experts designed a perfect plan for my garden, utilizing the space in the best way possible, and then turned this garden design into reality. I am so grateful, thank you!

  • Amy Roberts
  • 12Jun 2015

I was short on budget for re-designing my garden and so I called up a number of landscape gardeners to get an approximate quote. After much consideration I decided to give the contract to Gardening Company who offered to re-design my front yard at affordable rates. We decided to go ahead with the project in stages so that it stayed within my budget. The team understood my situation and even with the low budget they were able to deliver quality service in time. I must say that their services are value for money. I am definitely going to approach them again in the near future.

  • Craig Danks
  • 02Jun 2015

Handy Gardeners was recommended by a family friend some years ago and since then they have continued to stay as our preferred gardening company. We have been impressed with their professional service and commitment to work and time. We recently asked them to redesign the garden surrounding our daughter's cottage, which is just two streets away. It has now turned out to be one of the best looking gardens in the neighbourhood. If you plan to get your gardening done by this company then you can rest assured of a beautiful garden. With them, you are definitely in good hands.

  • Martha Lane
  • 23May 2015

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Landscape Gardeners; they are extremely reliable and helpful. They suggested brilliant designs for my garden to suit my taste and the structure of the house. I have been living here for nearly 20 years now and I feel disappointed that I did not come across their services earlier. They have literally created a beautiful garden from a blank canvas. I am so thrilled that I will be continuing to approach them for gardening care services.

  • Sam Matthews
  • 13May 2015

I have been using the gardening services of Landscape Gardeners for more than five years, initially to landscape it and then to maintain it regularly. My friends and neighbours often comment that the garden looks exceptionally beautiful. Before using their services our front garden was in absolute shambles and now I am a proud owner of a beautiful drive and low maintenance garden.

  • Alan Moore
  • 03May 2015

I'd wanted to hire professional gardeners for my garden for a while, but I'd never found a company that I really felt could do the job. After speaking to HandyGardeners it was obvious that they're a professional and dedicated company, so I decided to give them a go. I'm so glad that I did, because I can honestly say that my garden has never looked better! I'm really happy with the services offered, and the price is really good too. I'd thoroughly recommend these gardeners!

  • Alice
  • 23Apr 2015

The gardeners from Handy Gardeners visit my home every couple of weeks to work on my lawn and keep my plants and flowers free from weeds. I used to love gardening, but I'm unfortunately unable to do it anymore. I thought that meant I was going to have to say goodbye to my lovely garden, but this company have done an excellent job with the maintenance and upkeep of it. I'm more than happy with this service - it's much better than my last gardening company!

  • Jacqueline T.
  • 13Apr 2015

This is, hands down, the best gardening company I've ever used! The staff here are excellent, the services are wonderful, the job the gardeners do is second to none! I tried Landscape Gardeners for a bit of planting at first, but now I use them on a fortnightly basis to tend to all parts of my garden! This is a company that definitely knows what they're doing, and I'm really happy with the care and attention that they pay to my garden, thanks!

  • David P.
  • 03Apr 2015

HandyGardeners are a very good gardening company, and definitely one of the best ones I've used in a long time. I've been hiring their services for a few weeks now, and I have found them to be very reliable and very efficient. They've done excellent work with my lawn restoration, and they're much better than the company I previously used. I've told all of my friends about this service, as it's very affordable as well! I can't fault this company - excellent work!

  • Julian
  • 24Mar 2015

The past gardening care services I've worked with have been ineffective at best, lazy at the worst. HandyGardeners were nothing like this, which really endeared them to me straight away. They came, they worked, they finished quickly and didn't charge me much at all. Such an affordable service needs to get more exposure because they have very able and willing gardeners on hand for anything from pruning to weeding. That's one more thing I can strike off my to-do list, along with mowing the lawn, watering the plants and cleaning the patio. Fantastic.

  • Edward A.
  • 13Mar 2015

When weeds took over, I thought I'd never have the luxury of a nice garden again. That was until I called HandyGardeners and they told me that it's actually not a lost cause at all. They sprayed the whole lot with weed killer and they died off in just a few days. Any which were still left standing were ripped out at the roots. Later down the line, not many have come back at all. The ones that do are taken care of instantly by my gardener, who I also hired from HandyGardeners! All in all a suc-cessful experience.

  • Jaime
  • 03Mar 2015

The thought of leaf clearance made me stay in bed all day last week. It seems they were managing to obscure the entire garden, which shouldn't be an easy task considering the size of it. It's lovely having so many trees around, but the leaves can be a nuisance. That's why I called HandyGardeners, just to get the job done finally. They did an absolutely exceptional job, so I'm very pleased with the results and will be calling them to do some weekly general maintenance to make sure my garden stays looking beautiful.

  • Becky
  • 03Mar 2015

When we came back from our nice holiday we were shocked at the state of the garden. It was absolutely unbelievable. In two weeks your nice garden can become an abysmal pit in the wilder-ness. We called HandyGardeners because we knew we weren't really going to have time to get it all sorted out at once. We will be able to maintain it but not get it back to a nice state from that it was. They came and corrected the growth of two weeks in just a few hours. When we got the bill back we were amazed at how cheap it all was!

  • Les F.
  • 21Feb 2015

When a friend recommended Handy Gardeners to me I wasn't sure what to expect. I've always mowed my own lawn, and never really cared for plants and flowers, so I'd never hired a professional gardening company before. The gardeners arrived promptly, listened to what I wanted and got straight to work. The work they did was of a very high standard, and I was really pleased with this service. I would call again and would also recommend this company.

  • Jack
  • 11Feb 2015

My garden looked like it was due for a bit of a tidy-up. There were little patches of weeds and other nettles forming in the corners and along the fence-line, and I'd had enough of trying to pull them up and just making a mess. I called for gardeners at HandyGardeners and got a friendly chap who makes light work of my little garden in just an hour or so. If I need him to stay longer he cuts the grass, waters the plants and always tidies up after himself when he's done. I couldn't ask for a better gardener, I'd recommend him to my friends if I didn't want to keep him here.

  • Dave
  • 05Feb 2015

I have used various gardening services from Gardening Company for some time now, and I have been pleased with all of them. I started with lawn care services and then used their landscaping and planting services too. I have found the gardeners to be very friendly and they work hard to deliver exceptional results. I've recommended this company to many of my friends and family, and would also recommend them to anyone looking to get a nicer and prettier garden!

  • Eileen
  • 26Jan 2015

When you look out your window and think ‘what a mess' it doesn't make you feel like doing an-ything about it. It's so far gone, what's the point? That's how I felt, anyway. I had a mental block towards my garden which was so full of rubbish it was past the point of no return. I called HandyGardeners to get the lot sorted out and they have shown me that it can, in fact, look nice and be tamed. Now I no longer live in a nature reserve, I live in a house with a beautiful garden.

  • Beatrice
  • 18Jan 2015

Cutting the grass, clearing out the leaves, it made me sigh just thinking about it. I was sick of doing the same tasks over and over only for them to undo themselves faster than the washing up. I called in HandyGardeners to ask for a regular gardener and haven't been disappointed. It's not true that gardeners are what rich people have working on the manor gardens, the rates which I have been offered have been great. It buys me rest, relaxation and time to pursue my hobbies which are very important to me. All in all a great firm.

  • Lily
  • 08Jan 2015

Some people might have problems with gardening, but I have a serious aversion. It's the sort of thing which worries me so much because it is just like all other chores... never-ending. I can cope with the house, but that's about it. The garden is like a wild jungle which can't be tamed. That's what I used to think, but I have had my mind changed by HandyGardeners, who are exceptional at their job. It's not like I have an aversion to being out in the garden, so now I can thoroughly enjoy that!

  • G. Cowan
  • 29Dec 2014

Gardening Services do a great job on my garden every single week, and I just had to write a quick thanks! Their services are brilliant - I've used quite a few of them now - and my garden's never looked better! They say the grass is greener on the other side, but it's greener in my garden thanks to this company and their talented gardening teams! Thanks so much for the work you do - I'd recommend this company over and over again!

  • Dylan
  • 19Dec 2014

I am very pleased with the gardeners at HandyGardeners. My garden was in a state of disrepair, and my estate agent had suggested I clean it up a little if I wanted to make my home look better. I hired this company for their excellent prices, and was more than impressed with the service. My garden looks beautiful and well-tended to - I've had lots of comments about how stunning it looks! Love this company and the work they do - I'll be hiring them in my new home too!

  • Linda
  • 16Dec 2014

I'm not much of an outside person. I enjoy indoor luxuries, creature comforts and being left on my own. I like living in a nice house in a nice area with a nice garden but I can't say I see much of it since I work from home. Regardless, it all needs to be kept in good order otherwise it would infur-iate me. With this in mind I called the firm who sounded most thorough, HandyGardeners. Safe to say I was not infuriated but very happy with their work. They have been coming for a few months now and I have never been able to fault them!

  • Lucas
  • 08Dec 2014

I'm not used to a garden with real plants, grass and flowers! My garden used to be a window box overlooking a shopping centre in South London. When I moved to the suburbs I found myself able to afford a great home with a lovely big garden. I had no idea what I was in for. The maintenance the damn thing needed was driving me crazy so I called HandyGardeners to lighten the load. With my mortgage repayments being far less I thought I was able to afford a gardening service but when I looked at the prices I felt silly for waiting for so long. It is so cheap it's unbelievable! Now I can relax in my fantastic garden and have a life far more tranquil than it used to be.

  • Josef
  • 28Nov 2014

I'm not a messy person, I keep my kitchen clean and my bedroom free of clutter. That's because you can easily tidy the house as you go and it doesn't take much effort to wash up and cook at the same time. The garden, however, when do you find time for that? There's no time amid the hassle of work, social life and trying to maintain basic personal hygiene. That's why I needed a gardener, and HandyGardeners were able to provide me with an excellent one who knows just what my garden needs to stay tidy. He clears the weeds, waters the plants, cuts the grass and then cleans up afterwards. The perfect service, definitely recommended.

  • Ainsley Blair
  • 18Nov 2014

When you write lawn mowing in your schedule, you assume a constant rate of growth which may not be the case. I hate for my schedule to be messed up, so if it doesn't need it doing exactly on the date and time I plan I am thrown out for the whole week. My line of study allows little time for that kind of thing, so I made a rational decision and called HandyGardeners to do it for me. Now I can have them come round every time it needs doing and save myself an hour which I can either devote to my studies or an extra hour in bed. My life quality has most certainly risen.

  • E. Smith
  • 08Nov 2014

With the price of every service being sky high, we thought that gardening services would be no different. Maybe that's true for the industry on the whole but the prices which HandyGardeners offer are exceptional. I didn't realise so little money could go such a long way. They cleaned the patio, sprayed for weeds, cut the grass, cut out the dead turf, replaced it and then took all of the waste out of the way! What more could you ask for. I'm sitting outside as I type this, admiring the beauty of nature.

  • Trisha
  • 29Oct 2014

After the landscape gardening we did, we were left with an awful lot of garden waste which really needed to be taken away in short order since it was making it impossible for us to see if we'd done a good job or not. We called HandyGardeners after being recommended them by a close friend of ours. They came over and made light work of the mountain of leaves, clippings, turf, and other miscellaneous items we found on way. In the future we would never hesitate to call them again if we need garden waste removal done cheaply and efficiently.

  • Norbert
  • 19Oct 2014

You wouldn't think that lawn care would be such a laborious task, but when it seems to grow back the same day you cut it, you start to lose your patience with it. That's why I called HandyGardeners and explained my situation. As soon as I asked they sent a friendly gardener round to take care of the garden. They did such a fast job I asked if they could stay and see what they can do about the weeds and the patio. Thankfully, they were able to make some sense of my messy garden. I'm very happy and appreciative, I will be working with them again next week in fact.

  • H. Massey
  • 09Oct 2014

The wife and I decided we needed to get the gardeners in for our new place after we didn't realise how fast it would grow and how little time we would have. We moved from a flat to a less central house which means we now have a garden and more travelling time which isn't a complementary combination at all. We have HandyGardeners do all sorts of regular garden maintenance which makes life a lot easier. We have a lot more quality time than previously and we're glad to have gardening professionals so nearby and so easy to work with.

  • Ian Barnes
  • 29Sep 2014

Hiring gardening services from HandyGardeners is nowhere near as expensive as you might think. Most people, when they think about hiring any kind of domestic service, would think it is the reserve of the rich. This certainly isn't the case! We have HandyGardeners do our garden tidy ups and grass cutting and it is very good value for money. We don't need to buy a lawnmower or spend our time knelt down pulling weeds. We're both very happy about finding affordable gardening experts.

  • Alex
  • 19Sep 2014

The problem with townhouses is that the garden can quickly get out of control. There's a hedge on each side and a greenhouse which seems to be the prime focus for weeds who want to grow in the places it is most difficult to control. The weeds were starting to break apart the patio and since we only just moved in we wanted to make a fresh start. We called up HandyGardeners for garden maintenance services after seeing they have a good reputation. They got everything sorted out within a day and now our house looks like a home.

  • Jeanette
  • 09Sep 2014

I'm glad I called HandyGardeners for patio cleaning and didn't use the company I would usually choose. They were half the price, twice as fast and really friendly about everything. It's nice to see a firm with a bit of common courtesy and a strong work ethic. I have quite a big garden which can be more than I can handle sometimes, especially when it comes to lawn mowing. HandyGardeners are life savers and my faith is restored in gardeners. With everything being so expensive nowadays it was a real delight to work with them.

  • Bridget F.
  • 30Aug 2014

My husband and I just moved in to a new house which is absolutely perfect, apart from the garden which, before we called HandyGardeners, was its worst feature by far. The house had been for sale for a while which meant it was overgrown, full of weeds and had litter blown into it by the wind. Since we are both busy people working full time, we decided to call a firm which could do a garden clear up, a bit of lawn car and restoration and repair. After that it was looking well kept, like someone actually lived there! Since HandyGardeners also offer landscaping we might be looking into that as well now. Now we have a garden we want to make the most out of it.

  • Elza J.
  • 25Aug 2014

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