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Whether you'd like to add a walkway as a garden design feature, or need a simple way to cross your garden without trampling on the lawn or the flowerbeds, putting in a walkway is a great option. And the best thing about walkways is that there are so many ways you can do it, that with our help you're guaranteed to find a perfect fit for your landscaping needs. You can have paved walkways, decked walkways, turfed walkways, stone walkways and much more. So if you're considering a walkway for your garden, get in touch on 020 3744 0111 and talk to our team. Our gardeners can offer a wide range of walkway options including:

At Handy Gardeners we love being able to come up with inventive garden walkway ideas for our customers in London

Paved walkways

Decked walkways

Stone design walkways

Flower edging walkways

Why choose our garden design service in London?

There are many benefits to choosing Handy Gardeners to design your garden walkway. Not only do we have extensive expertise in this area, and a team of landscapers who love doing it, but we are also able to offer some of the lowest prices in London. On top of this we offer a truly top quality landscaping service that completely accommodates your needs and preferences. We also provide the most impressive range of garden walkway options available in the area, so no matter what type of walkway you want for your garden, we have the knowledge, expertise and ability to make it happen.

The option to combine our walkway service with other London landscaping services at a discounted rate

The largest range

of options for materials and design in the local area including wood logs, stepping stones, bricks and mosaic-tiled design

Highly affordable

we will never just present one option, we want you to have choice, so you can design your garden decking around what you want

Unbeatable quality

and a satisfaction guarantee

How it all works

We can turn even the dullest garden into a place of beauty


If you have never had a significant landscaping project done before, you may be feeling unsure of how it all works, and it can actually feel quite stressful. We completely understand this which is why we aim to offer a fully transparent and simple service that takes away all the stress of having gardening work done. Our promise is simple: from the moment you pick up the phone to call us and discuss your gardening needs, we will make sure to explain everything clearly and ensure you understand what we've recommended.

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A complete service that includes support from start to finish

A free first visit and quote - and the quote we offer is the price you'll pay

A fully inclusive approach, explaining every step to you along the way

On-going and post-project support in case you have any problems down the line


As the process moves forward, we will make suggestions for the best materials and options for your garden, and then do everything required to acquire them and then we will do all the work.

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Throughout that process we will explain everything we are doing, and make sure you are completely happy. That's how we guarantee your satisfaction.

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How to access our service

Whether you know exactly what you need, or want to discuss it further, your journey to a new garden walkway begins with a simple phone call and we'll take it from there.

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The gardening work was completed as per my wishes. I have no hesitation in recommending this fantastic firm.

  • R. Overmars
  • 06Oct 2021

Getting this company on board for general garden care and garden walkways was the best thing I could've done to improve the state of my garden. It didn't look great.

  • D. Plint
  • 03Oct 2021

Getting garden walkways done was cheap with this company. I thought that getting such professional care and attention would cost quite a bit. I was pleasantly surprised. My lawn looks different.

  • Tosh E.
  • 27Sep 2021

The garden walkways job was completed quickly and neatly. It seemed like a simple service. But it had a great effect. Neatening up my hedges served to improve the overall appearance of my front garden.

  • S. Smith
  • 12Sep 2021

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