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Gardening can be one of those incredibly tricky things to get right. With so much to do and so little time to do it in, it is no wonder that so many people turn to professional help in order to make sure that their lawn care is in the best hands. One of the very best services is offered by gardening experts is the garden design which is available for people wondering what to do with their open space. With the right help, gardening professionals such as Handy Gardeners can make sure that your lawn is always looking at its absolute best. So call 020 3744 0111 now to find out more.

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Getting The Best In Garden Design

London Garden Planner

Who benefits the most from the best designers helping out with landscaping? It might be that you have moved to a new home or that you have just renovated a current one. Either way, this could be the perfect chance to start fresh with the help of the right garden design services. Designing a garden can be really tough without the right kind of knowledge. If you are planning a brand new design then having the right expertise can make sure that you are getting the right kind of balance, growth and natural beauty in your own back yard. No matter the size of your garden or what you would like to accomplish, those who are new to gardening can find that they benefit from help of the right professionals.

Many people have gardens which they simply do not feel are making the best use of the space. It could be that the lawn maintenance has fallen by the edge or that the leaf control has gotten slightly out of hand. If this is the case, then it can be a great idea to bring in professionals to help you add a bit of life back into your garden. With the help of a professional, you can make sure that even the oldest and most difficult spaces are transformed into something pleasant and enjoyable. Big or small, overgrown or underdeveloped: any garden can benefit from an expert eye. If you are thinking of a outdoor renovation, find out how much you and your garden can benefit from the help of an professional approach.

London Landscape Gardening

But what is it that sets professional gardening design apart from those who try and take on the jobs themselves? Whether it is garden spraying, hedge trimming and pruning, weed control or patio cleaning, having the right skill provides a great inside when thinking about how to make the most of the garden and the space you have available. Whatever you are want to achieve with your garden, discover how much of an advantage it can be to hire in professional by calling Handy Gardeners on 020 3744 0111 now.

Our Testimonials

Fun times, knowing that I can relax on the weekend, instead of having dig in the garden, can make me surprisingly happy! In fact, I think the grass over here is in need for another trim. Great garden care specialists!

  • Ingrid Starling
  • 04Oct 2019

I know that my mum appreciated the hard work done on her garden. That is one of the only things she seems to enjoy these days, sitting peacefully in her garden.

  • Portia A.
  • 30Sep 2019

I will recommend your garden design services to all my friends and neighbours. We are lucky to have you.

  • Jesse S.
  • 24Sep 2019

Great experience with Handy Gardeners! I called them at last minute and had a team of two gardeners early the next day. Flexible and very helpful! I love my new garden design. Definitely, recommend. Thank you!

  • Maureen
  • 16Sep 2019

Great job. They are on time, and they are quite affordable compared to other gardening companies. You outdid yourselves again!

  • Yatra
  • 12Sep 2019

My garden looks wonderful thanks to the hard work of Handy Gardeners. They do all of my garden design and do not charge crazy amounts.

  • Jan D.
  • 02Sep 2019

The gardeners at this garden design company do terrific work. I will be hiring them again. They are the most affordable.

  • Jessie W.
  • 16Jul 2019

Marvellous! These gardeners sure must have a way with Mother Earth! For years I could not get a nice, flower garden. However, after a month, their garden designers were able to help create a lush, colourful garden.

  • Freddy Drake
  • 30Jun 2019

Had Handy Gardeners come out to my flat in Central London to help me set up my urban patio garden. Their garden designers are very capable, and before I knew, I had a really nice patio garden to sit and enjoy my tea.

  • Barbara T.
  • 01Oct 2018

I got a great deal on their garden design service. Nice group of guys, they did not diddle around but kept working on my property in Central London until every flower was as perfect as it could be.

  • Ella B.
  • 16Aug 2017

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