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Adding a patio to your London garden can be the perfect way to mix things up and make your garden look fresh and new without having to worry about how you're going to take care of it. Whether you dream of having BBQs and summer parties on your patio, or just want to keep it to yourself, an oasis in the sun, patio paving is a great way to do it. One of the best things about having a patio laid is that there are so many options; depending on the size of your garden you can have partial garden patio paving, or have the whole space done. Whatever you choose, with our London based landscaping services, you are guaranteed excellent results.

Paving your patio is the perfect option for those who want a low-maintenance, and modern looking garden

Unique garden patio paving design

Deciding on the right patio materials for your project

Laying of patio and meeting all your landscaping requirements

Patio cleaning and maintenance

Are you planning on paving your patio?

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For many families in London, having a paved patio is the best way to enjoy their garden, and if you are looking for experts in patio design and construction in London, our gardeners at Handy Gardeners have the expertise to help. We have been offering garden design services to residents in London for many years, helping individuals and families get the most out of their outdoor space. With a long history of excellent designs, outstanding customer service, and unbeatable prices, it's no wonder our customers choose us.

When helping you design your perfect patio, we will work with you to understand what it is you want, and how to achieve it

And when you choose our gardeners you'll get access to these great benefits:
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for paving and patio slabs, design and laying in London

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of expert garden landscapers

On-going support

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We are also able to offer the widest range of patio related services, alongside the expertise of our garden landscapers, who can help you decide on the overall design of your garden, as well as the right patio slabs and layout for your needs. When helping you design your perfect patio, we will work with you to understand what it is youwant, and how to achieve it. Your garden dreams are what we are here to create, so just get in touch with our team to tell us what they are.

What's included in our patio paving services?

A holistic approach to patio design

Our approach when it comes to patio design is all about making it right for you; that's why we will work to first understand what you need, what will fit your lifestyle and preferences, and then recommend the best options. And when you call us on 020 3744 0111 to ask about our patio paving services you can rest assured that you will get a complete and comprehensive service which includes:

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Whether you need our London gardeners to lay a patio for you, or want some help with patio cleaning, our expert team at Handy Gardeners can help. And all you need to do in order to access our cost-effective and reliable patio services is give us a call on 020 3744 0111 today, let us know what you need, and book your appointment. We'll handle the rest!


Handy Gardeners, thanks for making my garden look great! I enjoy the garden design, in all its glory. It's wonderful to be able to smell the roses again.

  • George
  • 10Oct 2021

Thanks to the lawn mowing company we hired, our backyard looks awesome and well-maintained! They did a good job at a reasonable cost. Keep up the good work Handy Gardeners!

  • Mary
  • 09Oct 2021

The landscaping company did a good job on my garden. It's never looked better! Your staff was friendly and very efficient. I am definitely going to hire Handy Gardeners again for future gardening services.

  • Mike
  • 08Oct 2021

Your garden maintenance team is great! They worked really hard at my place and completed everything in a timely manner. Thank you Handy Gardeners for the kind work!

  • Larry
  • 07Oct 2021

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