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Lower pricesthan any other gardeners in the area for turf laying

Our high quality lawn turfing services in London are the perfect solution for those lawns that just won't grow naturaly

It's sad but true that some gardens just don't have a naturally great lawn. Fot whatever reason, whether it's due to soil conditions, local climate or something else, for some gardens in London doesn't matter what you do, your grass just won't grow. We completely understand how frustrating it is, and you may be on the brink of giving up and paving over the whole thing; but don't despair - Handy Gardeners are here to help you. Our gardeners have helped a wide range of risidents with their lawns including:

Whether you are in need of a complete re-turfing, or just need to tidy up certain patches, we can help

Lawn turfing for local parks and public gardens

Turf maintenance for local businesses

Residential lawn turf laying and maintenance

Why hire our team?

What makes our lawn turfing so special?

There are two main thins that set our lawn turfing service apart from other lanscapers in London

one is
the extensive

and experience of our gardeners

At Handy Gardeners we know that having a pristine lawn can make even the simplest garden design look stunning, and we aim to help make that a reality for everyone in London.

Add to this the fact that we offer the most budget-friendly lawn laying service in the local area, and it's no wonder that our customers love us, and often recommend us to their friends and family. If you'd like to find our more information, just call our team on 020 3744 0111 today.

we use
the very best turf
and materials

and materials possible to ensure
top quality results for our customers

We promise that when you do you'll find that we offer:
  • Unrivalled expertise in lawn turfing

  • Access to the very best turf, materials and equipment, allowing us to do the very best job possible

  • Re-turfing lawns in all over London

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Why us?

We hope it comes as no surprise that we are experts in what we do, and that we use the best materials - after all that's what top quality garden design companies do. But what may surprise you is all of the extras that we provide when you hire our gardeners for lawn turfing. We not only offer a wide range of additional services, should you require them, but long term support, advice and guidance. Our team offer a complete and comprehensive tarf laying service in London which includes:

Access to our experts before, during and after your lawn turf laying project

On-going support and maintenance advice to keep your lawn looking fabulous

Discounts and priority access to our additional services suck as planting, decking and irrigation

When you want a fully inclusive and supportive serive from gardeners in your area, we are here for you

an easy way to book your lawn turfing020 3744 0111

Whether you know what you need, or would like the chance to discuss your requirements with our team of garden design experts, we are here to help. All it takes is one phone call to 020 3744 0111 where our friendly and helpful booking team will take the time to learn all about you and your garden. They will then book you an appointment for one of our landscaping team to visit your property, and assess the work required and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for you to consider. Then it's up to you to decide when you'd like us to get started.

Ready to book now?

You can easily access our services by getting touch and letting us know what you need. If you have a project in mind, you can find out quickly and easily what our landscapers are able to help with by calling 020 3744 0111. Our initial viewing and valuation are completely free, so there is no risk in calling us in for a quote.


The lawn care team did an amazing job. What they did really worked. They went the extra mile too, tidied up after completing their treatments, and gave me some free advice, which they didn't have to do, but which I greatly appreciated.

  • Annie H.
  • 03Oct 2021

The lawn mowing service went very well. They mowed the lawn neatly, until it was all uniform and just looked good, and cleaned up thoroughly after themselves too.

  • I. Glynn
  • 28Sep 2021

The lawn care service was desperately needed. I know what I was hoping for before I hired them. They surpassed my expectations. They didn't just improve the state of my lawn. It's as if they just laid a new lawn for me!

  • Sadie Y.
  • 24Sep 2021

The lawn care service was top-notch. It made an impact, had the desired effect. I can't thank their team enough. It would've cost a lot more just returfing the lawn. At the back of my mind, I thought that'd be likely if this company didn't manage to rectify matters. Thankfully it didn't come to that.

  • Tina R.
  • 31Aug 2021

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