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sunday 11.09.2016

Upper Holloway  | landscaping

Information about the job

A beautifully landscaped garden is a sure way to embrace the indoor-outdoor way of life by transforming your green area into a comfortable and cozy retreat where the entire family spends quality time. Updating this home’s landscaping by creating garden outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining is our mission when undertaking any gardening job, so here is how it went down for our latest landscaping project:

professional gardening services


Landscaping Services


The customer call and preparation

A customer from Upper Holloway, London contacted us with a request for a landscaping work in the backyard garden including re-turfing and patio laying. We were quick to react by sending over our head landscaper to see and estimate what would it take to perform the job. After the viewing, our gardening team had designed a plan for the job execution. A price estimate was given.

This is how the customer’s garden looked like before we started working:

London Garden Transformation

And this is how it looked when we were finished:

Complete Garden Transformation

Steps taken for a job well done

The job was completed within 1 working day by 3 gardening experts working on the side. This is what they did:

Step 1. The Viewing
The first step of performing any Landscaping Service is our team of head landscapers visiting the site where the landscaping job would be executed. Our appointed head landscaper met the client at his property in Upper Holloway, N19 and went over all the details and requirements as the client had to be sure that they will be covered.

Step 2. The Basics
After the job was booked, the final price was estimated and confirmed by the client. Our experienced team of landscapers had prepared everything required for the job execution, so they went to the site on the appointed day bringing with them all the needed supplies and gardening equipment, so the job could be done promptly.

Expert Landscapers in London

Step 3.The Garden

There were 2 things that our client wanted to be transformed in his garden:

patio requirements
turf requirements
Garden Tidy Ups

Step 4. The Removal Part
The first thing to do was to remove all existing square slabs and then prepare the ground for the new paving slabs. This step usually includes the following: removing the old patio slabs, digging up (depending on the level of the ground), leveling the area and then laying the new slabs.

Step 5. The Patio
Laying a new patio was the next step of the garden transformation. After the old patio slabs were lifted and proper ground leveling and preparation was done, new slabs were laid on the patio area of 15 square metres. Our landscapers had brought with them the new paving slabs to be laid, purchased beforehand and approved by the customer.

Step 6. Lawn Returfing
After the patio was done, the second thing was to lay the new natural grass. We are using high quality turf, which you can see from the pictures. Our team removed all the existing weeds, grass and any stones there in order to prepare the terrain for the new turf. Top soil was laid after the area was leveled and the final step was to cover the 20 sq.m. ground with the natural grass.

Step 7. Garden Beautifying Touches
Our landscapers had used their creativity and expertise to beautify the garden and make it look nice and tidy with creating low-maintenance, attractive borders for edging the flower beds. Flower beds were created at the end of the job with half circled borders which separate them from the new grass.

London Paving Services

The final result is a beautiful and completely renovated/revamp garden.

The Final Look

Complete Gardening Services

Lawn Turfing

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