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Wednesday 15.03.2017

Brentford  | landscaping

What We Do

The moment you decide to present yourself in front of your neighbours you start you're your front garden. That is why a customer from Brentford, TW8 has decided to turn to our gardening company. The lady had an idea of turning her front garden into a convenient driveway. Hence, the theme of the garden project aimed to communicate the message of using a front garden for practical purposes. The price for the project was symbolic in comparison to the results at the end. And it was performed in only one day.

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The Job

When our client called to ask for some information, she had a rough idea for the way she wanted her front garden to look. A professional landscaper from Handy Gardeners helped the customer to vision her future beautiful front garden with his professional advice. The client decided to provide the materials herself. This is an option which can be taken advantage of and this way you can save even more money than what you are saving already with hiring our gardening company. What our client was amazed of was how fast the service was organized - first the consultation, then the very service and end result. This is how the garden looked when we first visited it:

London Garden Transformation

And this is how it was transformed within just 1 day:

London Garden Transformation

Steps for a job well done

The main steps for performing that landscaping job in Brentford, TW8 were as follows:

main jobs done in the garden

Step 1. First the team needed to prepare the area and started from a blank canvas and to start their picture. The clearance of everything excessive was step one. There was a brick wall to be removed. It was a challenging job but nothing impossible existed for our landscapers. They used a high quality equipment to perform the service. Our clients deserve the highest quality service for their gardens and this is what we, as a company, pay attention to.

Garden Tidy Ups Garden Tidy Ups

Step 2. After our amazing team cleared the front garden, they were ready for the next steps. The client desire was to have gravel laid, so the front garden would look neat and tidy. This was a process requiring the leveling of the area and it was performed by our handy gardeners to the highest standard. They made it happen after a heavy duty service. The front garden was supported below with a plastic base. Since this was a specific requirement of the client we respected her ideas.

Garden Tidy Ups Garden Tidy Ups

Step 3. Laying the gravel was the final touch. After spreading the gravel the hardworking gardeners made sure it was leveled and spread evenly. After we finished with the work, the client checked everything carefully and was amazed of the results.

Garden Tidy Ups

The Final Look

In the beginning it looked like a small job which much was not expected from, but it required lots of hard work and professionalism to perform it in just one day. However, seeing the new beautiful front area accomplished was a great reward.

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