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monday 20.02.2017

Surrey Quays  | landscaping

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You need not spend all of your savings so that you can enjoy the special moments with family and friends in your charming landscaped garden. One can have neat and comfortable backyard if simply contact our professional landscapers, just like our customers from Surrey Quays did and here is the result:

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Landscaping Services


The landscape project

A call from residents of Surrey Quays, SE16 was received regarding landscaping of their small-sized backyard. We were happy for the given chance to makeover another garden in London and our handy gardeners were eager to commence working on it.
Initially the garden looked just like this:

London Garden Transformation

At the end, we turned it into a small oasis:

London Garden Transformation

Planning of the Job

Our London gardening company is known for creating practically oriented landscape plans and attention to details in every aspect of the projects we work on.

Landscaping of this garden in SE16 took one day of work for our handy team of gardening professionals, who did their best to give it a proper makeover and amaze the owners with the final result.

The planned landscaping job consisted of few main steps:

main jobs done in the garden

Steps for Garden Expertly Landscaped

Here are listed all the details regarding each step we took on our way to creating a calm and soothing outdoor area for our customers in Surrey Quays, SE16.

Step 1. Viewing. First step, when undertaking any landscape project, is organising a visit of our head landscaper to the clients' garden and discussing with them the desired garden transformation. The focus of that initial stage is to get an idea of the real picture and bring our customers' ideas to life with the project we re-create.

Step 2. Planning. Second step consisted of selecting the materials and plants suitable for the particular project and individual requirements we've took notes on the day of the viewing. Then, we offered different options to our clients so they could choose from and have their specific needs fully met. After everything was agreed upon and final price was given, we scheduled a date for the work to be started.

Garden Tidy Ups
Garden Tidy Ups

Step 3. Garden clearance and ivy trimming. The hardworking landscapers were sharp on the arranged day, ready to create miracles. They started by removing the old bushes and tidying up the whole area. There were flower beds, a shed and a tree that our kind client wanted to keep, so we worked around them. We also trimmed the ivy plants in the garden, so they looked neat and new growth and branching were encouraged. All the garden waste was removed and collected for disposal at the end of the day.

Step 4. Area preparation. The area designed to be turned into a healthy and beautiful lawn was prepared by adding of topsoil and a wetting agent that helps for holding the moisture underneath the turf. The preparation stage was finalized by raking the topsoil, so it could be spread evenly.

Step 5. Laying the turf. Our next step towards achieving the ideal garden look was to lay out the first piece of turf and butt it up into the corners. This was the pattern our experts used with each piece of turf laid. It was important not to kneel on the turf or stretch it. The landscapers cut carefully the turf pieces around the base of the shed and the tree. Then the team gave it a good soaking with a hose to encourage the roots to settle in.

Step 6. Replacing the existing patio with newly laid paving. The owners of this garden in Surrey Quays, SE16 had also wanted their existing patio to be replaced with a new paving. They had a small area of 8 sq meters in the front garden and another area to be paved of the same size in the back garden. Both areas were of a small size but multi-purposed, so a new paving was a great way to turn the garden into a cosy spot perfect for weekend gatherings or family events. The patio was created with attention to details so it could compliment the entire look of the landscaped garden.

Garden Tidy Ups

Final Look

Give yourself the chance of having a mesmerizing garden by letting us save you time, money and efforts as we did for our customers in Surrey Quays:

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