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thursday 05.05.2016

islington | landscaping job

The garden transformation project

Doing a thorough landscaping project requires a lot of expertise, effort, and especially time. But this is in no way challenging for our professionals. This project was handled by our specialist Thomas and the whole thing took seven days. For such a price anybody would want a nigh perfect transformation. But our gardener did better than that – it was pure perfection. And here is how it all went down:



The call and preparation

A customer called us and told us about the old garden they wanted to bring back to life. We were immediately on the job and sent out Thomas to see what it would take to handle the job. He was met by the following scene:

And here is how it looked on the other side:

Steps taken for a job well done

The job took 7 days and here is what Thomas did:

1. The Removal Part - There was a lot to start with. All the old and dysfunctional had to go, so Thomas went on and took care of all the bits and pieces that had no place in a garden that would want to take itself seriously. All the slabs from the back garden (including the paths and side walls) were taken care of. The patio could still be saved, so we left that in. The old walling at the back of the garden had to go as well. And then there was the shed. Look at this thing:

2. The basics - We took care to find stones that matched the existing patio and extended it by 0.7m. We added garden sleepers at the front of the existing lawn to have a starting point. All hardcore/MOT was removed as it no longer played any part of our plans. All the bits around the square slabs were re-rendered. At some places rain and water had caused damage and so Thomas made sure to remove the old render and make a new, smooth rendering. We also supplied concrete dense blocks and installed them at the back, raising the bed approximately to a 0.8m height, and with 3 steps, reaching the level of the flower bed. The blockwork was next and we made a smooth rendering, taking care of the angles at each corner. And, as a final touch for this step, top soil was supplied and laid where the path was.

3. The woodwork - Time to replace the shed. Thomas made measurements and provided a new concrete slab for the new 6x8ft garden shed. We supplied balau hardwood and installed a floating bench at the back part of the garden. Then it was the shed’s turn and soon there was a brand new hardwood 6x8 garden shed at the place of the old one. For a more aesthetical value, we also provided an overlapping 6x6ft fence panel with posts concreted to the ground, hiding the shed from immediate view from the front of the garden.

The RHS of the garden was provided with 6x2 overlap fence panels, again with posts concreted to the ground. So far it had been a tough job, but it was nearing completion.

4. The garden - Thomas provided more sleepers, charcoal stepping stones, flower beds, and another fence. First came the charcoal stepping stones, which were laid in the steps to the raised bed. The flower beds were installed in a nice and tidy fashion. The new flower beds received excellent garden sleepers. And the new 6x6ft fence – again with overlapping fence panels – was placed at the back with concreted wooden posts. Thomas then did some actual gardening, and supplied and planted new plants for the flower beds.

5. The Finishing Touches – The walls of the garden were painted in pure white with Sandtex masonry paint to contrast with the darker shaded garden. Thomas supplied four new large pots with bay leaves trees and organised them where needed. And for the final touch, there were a few paving stones installed in front of the bench.

6. Watering the turf - Newly laid turf must be watered within half an hour of installation.

7. The Follow-Up Work and Cleanup - And with this the garden itself was completed. Next up was the follow-up work, where Thomas made sure that the patio and shed were electrified. The finishing touches on the patio were made as well so as to look aesthetically pleasing. A screen was also exchanged as the old one didn’t work. And, for the cleanup, 4 vans were employed for a thorough rubbish clearance.

And so, the work is complete and the garden is completely transformed, leaving a very happy customer.


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