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Landscaping Project Worcester Park, KT4 | 25.02.2017

Handy Gardeners to the Rescue

Do you remember one of those windy days not long ago? We had a lot of clients complaining of broken fences, fallen trees, broken sheds, etc. This was the case with our latest project in Worcester Park, KT4 when a client had contacted Handy Gardeners with a request for a quick assistance with the fence repair in his garden.

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Fence Repair in Worcester Park, KT4

Once we confirmed we can repair the existing fence and there was no need to install a new one, our client asked us if we can do some general maintenance as well on the day

Our client had a broken fence panel and required our competent advice if it could be fixed promptly, when he initially called us. Firstly, we asked him to send us pictures of the fence in order to see the damage and estimate the price as well as give the best professional advice on its repair. We were more than happy to come to the rescue in this Worcester Park garden.

Steps for a KT4 Garden Rescue
Right side

As you can see from the pictures, our customer from Worcester Park owned a large and beautiful back yard that had been landscaped in a very nice way. However, the garden needed attention too. So here is where our skilled gardeners came into play. The work in the garden was split into two sides - right and left side, as each side required different approach.

As garden maintenance of a large garden goes, our Worcester Park client expected us to finish everything for a day. Here is why we sent team of 4 gardeners to be sure that the tasks required were suitable for the expected time and so we would save the client time.

  • Delivery and supply of the necessary materials

  • Fence Repair

  • Removal of existing flowers and soil

  • Turning over the soil

  • Leveling and compacting of area

  • Laying of compost/topsoil

Left side
  • Turning over the soil

  • Planting and Watering

  • Removal of weed and waste

Our long experience has taught us that a team of handy gardeners is always more effective than just a single expert.

Step 1
Preparation for garden maintenance and fence repair job

The preparation for the gardening job in this KT4 garden included the choice, delivery and supply of all the necessary materials and tools on the scheduled day.

We brought bags of compost and fertilizers, as well as bags of plants and seeds so everything could be done as per our client's requirements.

However, the materials were not the vital part of this gardening project in Worcester Park but rather the specialized equipment and skills of our handy gardeners team and all the handy tools they brought with them as always.

Step 2
Removal of weeds, waste, existing flowers and soil

It was also requested that we clear the garden by removing all the excessive weeds, existing plants and soil and dispose of all the green waste at the end of the day. Our professional gardeners did a few hours of work in the garden that consisted of the following: cutting the grass, trimming of the bushes and shrubs, removing the weeds, collecting of the fallen leaves, disposing of fallen branches.

The only problem that appeared with the repair of the fence was that the broken part was right next to the tree

Step 3
Removal of weeds, waste, existing flowers and soil

After the garden trimming and clearance was completed, the team started with the fence repair. It was very challenging to repair the fence since our gardeners couldn't dig too dip because of the tree's roots. They worked very carefully not to harm any of them. The client wanted to use wooden post; however our professional team explained that it will not be sufficient and it will not last long. They pointed out that they should use concrete post in order to be stable and make sure that the fence will stay on its place no matter how strong the wind is.

Step 4
Soil Turning Over and Compost Laying

Turning the soil manually in this large Worcester Park garden was not as time-consuming job as it could be simply because our team of gardeners were very experienced in it and are never afraid of some hard manual work. In the end, the customer had a loose soil bed that would be better draining and well-suited for planting of any kind plants. After the soil turning, it was spread 5 inches of compost over the garden area. Then again the soil was turned over, so the organic matter would be on the bottom and the garden soil on top.

That whole procedure was repeated until the entire garden was thoroughly turned. The freshly turned soil was raked and the garden was ready for planting.

Step 5
Planting and Watering

We proceeded with planting variety of plants in the planters that our client had already had in its garden in KT4 and, finally watered them so they were fresh and proper moisture was provided for their growth.

The End Result

The final result was very pleasing for the eyes and our client was very satisfied with the work. That is why if you choose Handy Gardeners to do any work in your London garden, you will receive high quality work for the money you pay.

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