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saturday 04.02.2017

Finsbury Park  | landscaping

What we are good at

The entire team at Handy Gardeners fully understands how important for our clients are their gardens to look good for their well-being and time spent at home. Our handy professionals can completely makeover your garden as they did for our customers in Finsbury Park, N4:

professional gardening services


Landscaping Services


The garden landscape project

If you are looking for landscape gardeners in the area of N4 or anywhere across London, then we are here to help! Re-turfing, re-paving, creating of flower beds and decking are all part of our extensive expertise. Customers living in Finsbury Park contacted us with a request for a garden transformation as their outdoor area was not in the state they would like it to be:

London Garden Transformation

And so we professionally landscaped it to looking like this:

London Garden Transformation

The plan and preparation

When the clients from Finsbury Park contacted us at first, they had no idea how to transform their garden and turn it into a more pleasant area. We inspired them with creative landscape design ideas and so they hired our landscapers on the very same day.

On the day of the appointment everything went smoothly. It took only just 8 working hours in one day to deliver a completely re-designed garden, ready for lunches and dinners with guests and family.

The landscapers started with removing all of the old turf of a 60 square meters lawn, leveled the area and installed the new high quality natural turf for a perfect look. Plants and bushes were supplied and planted upon client's taste, as they were also given professional planting advice for further care.

main jobs done in the garden

Here is how we did it

Step 1. The Viewing. The most important thing for this landscaping project to be carried out was the viewing that we organized before mapping out the necessary work and materials and committing the project in N4, Finsbury Park. Our professionals took measurements, assessed the work need, observed the area that needed transforming, discussed the client's ideas and re-created them in the best way possible.

Step 2. Preparation. After the visit, there were a few days spent in long conversations with our clients. This is relevant in order to choose the exact type of materials, to specify the sort of plants and flowers that will suit best the garden and will live longer giving the particular soil and weather conditions. So we took all the above mentioned information into consideration when preparing for the execution of this landscape project.

Garden Tidy Ups
Garden Tidy Ups

Step 3. Garden Clearance. In the very beginning of this project the garden had to be completely cleared from unnecessary weeds and overgrown plants. The old turf was removed and everything was collected and prepared to be disposed of at the end of the working day by the gardeners.

Step 4. Ground Leveling. The ground was leveled and smoothened out with the right equipment so it is prepared for the installation of the newly provided turf. By leveling the ground, we make sure that there will be no bumps after the new turf is laid out.

Step 5. Re-turfing with natural grass. After the leveling of the 60 sq.m area, our handy gardeners continued with rolling over and installing the natural turf carefully and neatly, so it formed a healthy lawn.

Step 6. Replanting Bushes and Flowers. After the completion of all the steps listed above, it was time for the flowers and bushes to be planted. Professional planting advice and suggestions for lawn care were provided to the garden owners, so they could maintain the healthy look of their new lawn and garden. Wooden borders were created along the edges of the new lawn and that contributed for the improvement of the atmosphere, as you can see here:

Garden Tidy Ups

The Final Look

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