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Find Out the Plants that Resist the Sun and Heat


As much as we want summer to arrive and brighten our days with some sun and heat, it can't be denied that for any gardener, it can be the curse on your garden design project. For a lot of common garden plants, too much heat is a bad thing, and it's heart-breaking to see your hard work go to waste. So if you're looking to add a few plants to your collection that can survive the stifling heat, here are our top picks.

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1. Zinnia

An incredibly easy flower to grow, that requires very little attention, and relishes being in a sunny spot in your garden. It's also sure to attract the wonders of nature to it with its bright colour and scent, making it a welcome addition to any garden design.

2. Blanket flower

A gorgeous bright and cheerful flower, the blanket flower thrives in heat with well-drained soil, and is a popular addition to many a sun-trap garden. They actually do quite well all-year round, so doesn't just have to be a summer attraction in your landscape design.

3. Penstemon

A tubular flowering plant that is sure to brighten up any gardener's space, with a variety of colours to choose from too. It's a sun worshipper, having originated from Mexico and the sunnier parts of the USA, and is sure to thrive as long as it has well-draining soil to live in.

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4. Celosia

A nice way to add some colour in amongst the tall growing plants in your garden, or perhaps to outline a patio design. Celosia is another plant that loves the heat and typically blooms from summer to autumn. It comes in a range of shades, so is sure to complement any colour scheme in your garden design.

5. Wax Begonia

A flowering plant that expands itself quickly, offering excellent coverage in your garden. It's an easy way to quickly enhance your landscaping plans with a plant that looks even more beautiful the sunnier it gets. The only thing with this one is that it does well as long as it's well cared for, so keep an eye on it.

6. Coreopsis

A beautifully bright flower that comes in yellow, red and pink, and is easy to care for and highly sun tolerant. It requires a damp environment, but not an overly watered one to survive and add a splash of colour to your landscape.

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7. Cosmos

To the non-expert gardener, a Cosmo can easily be confused with a giant daisy, but this particular flower also comes in a variety of other colours, and is much more resistant to the power of the sun than the common daisy.

8. Madagascar Periwinkle

This is a plant that truly loves the heat and can even survive drought like conditions, making it perfect for a landscape design plan where water isn't always in supply. It's the perfect solution for gardeners who face a slightly less plant friendly terrain, as it's a particularly hardy species.

9. Lantana

As it originated from tropical conditions, this is a flower that likes a moist but hot environment, so needs access to water but can easily handle whatever heat summer decides to throw at it. It's a super easy plant to care for, so even novice gardeners can enjoy its bright and colourful appearance.

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10. Mexican sunflower

Just like the traditional sunflower this plant grows big and strong, and loves the sun. It blooms right through summer all the way to autumn, and brings a shower of colour with it as it does.

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