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5 Awesome Tips to Maintain Your Garden in Dulwich within a Budget

17Jul 2015

You love having a garden in Dulwich but you are worried about the costs of effective garden maintenance? Then this is exactly what you need to know. Effective garden maintenance is actually about spending some money, but it is by no means about burning a hole in your pocket. How? Here are some simple and easy to follow tips about gardening. Having a fantastic garden does not have to be stressful or costly!

• Accessories - The major chunk of gardening bills comes from buying equipment and accessories. However, some smart decisions will end up in curtailing your bills on accessories. First of all, make a list of things that you actually need. Don’t just go out and stuff your purchasing cart. Think twice, even thrice before buying anything. This will reduce your unnecessary purchases. Also, select the best time to buy. Off seasons can offer cheap deals while bulk shopping helps you get a good bargain. Gardeners are advised to recycle rubbish and create some accessories in the SE21 area. How about using the old metal tins as flower pots? Or the broken window frame as part of landscaping? Think out of the box!

• Watering techniques - Reduce spending on water usage by adopting effective watering techniques. Begin by finding out the water requirements of your garden. Soil quality, weather, and plant types are the factors which decide water requirements. A thorough understanding of these factors will help in knowing the exact water intake of your garden. Have your irrigation system checked for leakage and blockage. A tiny leakage accounts for heavy water loss over a period of time. Hence, cover all the leakages and ensure you save every drop of water.

• Create your own compost - Why spend on fertilizers and compost when you can make some in your own garden in SE21? Creating compost is simple and only requires some knowledge and patience. Do not throw away the garden waste like dead leaves, flowers etc. Use these as raw material for your compost. This garden waste will automatically turn it into highly effective and useful compost full of nutrients.

• Go organic - Organic gardening not only helps the environmental cause but also helps in reducing the burden on your pocket. Going organic means you are using materials and ways which do not harm the environment to cultivate your garden in Dulwich. These are comparatively inexpensive and hence organic gardening is an interesting option if you are looking for inexpensive garden maintenance. The soil in your garden is the most vital aspect hence keeping it healthy is mandatory. Injecting the right quantity of nutrient into the soil results in healthy plant growth. Appropriate seed planting and choosing the most beneficial plants makes a huge difference. The most striking feature of organic farming is the method of dealing with pests. Instead of using chemical pesticides which harm the plants and humans, organic farming naturally eliminates unwanted pests. One of the ways is to use beneficial insects which fight the harmful pests to guard your garden. Ladybugs eat harmful pests like aphids, mites, whiteflies, scale insects and hence are useful in the garden.

• Talk to the experts - There are plenty of gardening experts in the market who are ready to help you and most of these garden maintenance services are affordable. These gardening professionals offer various services and you can choose the best based on your budget and need. They undertake leaf clearance, lawn moving, patio cleaning and even garden waste removal amongst a variety of other services.

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