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8 Tips to Jumpstart Your Garden This Spring

04 August 2016

spring gardening

With the cold weather receding and warmer days getting longer, it is a good time to start thinking about your garden and what you can do to prepare the outdoor area of your home for the warmer days. You will likely be spending some time outside, so it makes sense to invest some of your time now into making the surroundings more appealing.

There are plenty of gardening tasks that will compete for your attention, and it is best if you can see to the completion of them all. After all, nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than shaping the garden to your liking so that you can take joy in its bright colours and soak in its serenity. Read on for several quick tips on how to get your garden ready for the coming warm season:

lawn maintenance

-    Check on your lawn - the lawn is a crucial element of your outdoor area. As such, lawn maintenance must not be excluded from your list of chores, especially if there are evident problems. Moss-ridden and weed-grown lawns might as well be restarted with a new layer of turf and reseeding. Gardening experts suggest you take special care in selecting the lawn fertiliser and its application. For lawns that are not moss-ridden, it’s advisable to cut regularly by setting the blades lower each time so that the length of the grass is gradually reduced.

lawn care

-    Rake the lawn - scarifying the lawn with a rake is going to be of great help for oxygenation. Apart from that, it is also good for keeping thatch (dead grass matting the underneath of growing fresh grass) and moss in check. You can always check your local gardening service provider for a scarifier vehicle to do this task so that you don’t have to bother with a rake.

planting roses

-    Plan for roses - roses make a GREAT addition to any garden, so feel free to plant out some now. Ensure that they are off to a good start with some rotted compost. Be extra picky of the location you plant them. After all, you want a nice sunny spot, where their beauty will be on display.  

-    Weed out trouble - expert gardeners advise that you should not allow weeds to get out of control. Most weeds spread rapidly in spring, so you must be on the lookout and address this problem promptly, or else it could turn into a disastrous situation pretty quickly. Remember that rooting out weeds is one of the best methods, even if it takes you more time. Avoid harsh chemicals and look for eco-friendly alternatives.


-    Get your garden into shape - isn’t it ironic that tasks such as pruning and hedging will not only get your garden into shape, but also get you into shape as well? Serious pruning is sometimes necessary in order to open the way for some fresh spring growth. Don’t save your effort, as this might as well make or break your garden for the coming season.

hedge pruning

-    Dig out holes for your trees - if you would like to plant some trees in your garden, you should try out a hack used by gardening professionals - planting in square holes, instead of round ones. That will help trees establish faster and contribute to their long-term healthy growth.

tree maintenance

-    Add a quick bloom of colour - introduce a few hanging baskets and pots for some quick and easy to do display of creativity. Mix big blooms with delicate flowers and lush foliage for best results. Remember that planting flowers in hanging baskets works for a few months, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

garden maintenance

-    Give your greenhouse some love - this area of your garden has endured the elements throughout the entire winter so it’s only wise to inspect for damage and make some repairs. A good clean is also a wise idea, especially if you can get jet washing for the windows.

Scrub the greenhouse and clear out the compost and spent plants from inside to minimise the threat of garden pests making the place their home.

gardening services

Don’t underestimate the importance of these tasks. Take some time to address them all, as that can guarantee true jumpstart of your gardening efforts.

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