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Awesome Garden Design Ideas

15 December 2016

landscape gardeners
Whatever size of garden you have, there are some remarkable ideas that will transform it into a place you can use at any time of the year. If you put your mind to it and do some homework you can have a lovely garden to enjoy that is functional and safe for children to play in. You don’t have to spend hours gardening and planting to have a lovely garden. There are many new garden design tricks that enable even those who have limited time to have a lovely spot to enjoy when the sun shines. There are practical ways of creating a space that can be enjoyed by couples and families alike. Whether you want an area that is safe for children to play in, or a place stocked with colour and fragrance from an array of flowers and plants, it is not too hard to arrange. With a little bit of thought and study you can develop the garden of your dreams.

garden design
A children’s garden

If you have children then a garden needs to be a safe environment for them to play in. It is no use having a pond as it poses a danger of small children drowning. You have to take care of what plants, flowers and shrubbery you have, because young children may mistake poisonous berries for edible fruits and of course some flowers may be poisonous to touch. A lawn is the most suitable garden feature that you can have which allows children to play without coming in harm’s way. They can have various outside apparatus to play on such as a slide, a swing and a sand pit. A paved area such as a patio is good for them to play on bikes and scooters and is also a good option in case the lawn is wet after a downpour of rain. You can also use this space for BBQ’s and have a seating area to enjoy and watch the children play and have fun. Erecting a shed is good for storage and not just for gardening tools, but also toys. At the end of play, encourage your children to put their toys away, so that they are well cared for. Allocate an area of the shed for them and keep dangerous solutions and gardening equipment on shelves out of reach of children.  

professional gardeners
A stylish garden

A garden that doesn’t have to take into consideration youngsters means you can have it either decorative with plants, flowers, borders and water features etc., or one to grow vegetables in. It can be as decorative and high maintenance as you wish, with patio heaters and nightlights scattered amid borders of flowers that illuminate the garden in the evening. Growing vegetables can be extremely rewarding and provide tasty fresh produce that sustains you all year round with careful planting and planning.

winter gardening
Winter garden

When we think of garden design, we think of the size of the garden, water features, the colours of the flowers and plants and the texture of the foliage. When you design your garden, you think of the place in terms of the beauty it shows in spring and summer. Most of you give very little thought to landscaping your garden for winter interest. You can enjoy your garden all year round if you design a winter garden. It can be a garden that brings about a feeling of beauty and peace. The most important feature of you winter garden should be its architecture. This doesn't mean you need to build buildings in your backyard, but you need to consider the underlying structure of your garden. Another important feature is the structure of plants and flowers and their shapes. Another great source of winter interest is the muted colours of seed heads, evergreens and berries. Consider adding some ornamental grasses. Depending on the size of your garden conifers and small trees can dominate your winter garden.

garden maintenance
Any of these garden styles will need more care than simple grass cutting and weeding. You will need to be familiar with the varieties of plants you have and their aftercare. If you decide to have ornamental ponds and rockeries these need a lot of care and attention. From garden spraying to trimming and hedging, the list of chores in a garden is huge. You regularly need to check for pests and diseases as plants can soon get infested and ruined. You have to be cautious and check regularly all plants and flowers. There are many easy ways to control such aggravations, and often without the need of chemicals. Gardening can be a very rewarding activity and your garden can bring a lot of pleasure to all of those who use it.

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