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Gardening Tips for Super Busy Professionals in Westminster Who Live a Hectic Lifestyle

11May 2015

Living in the urban landscape of Westminster often means that we don’t have the time for anything. By the time we get home, we are so super exhausted and tired from work that we do not have the time for much else. However, if you are living in a house and don’t always have the time even to arrange for a gardener much less do anything ourselves, expert gardening companies will come to the rescue!

Gardening doesn’t always have to be tough to do, and your time is both precious and valuable. “So how does it work”, you may be thinking? “Don’t I have to spend hours upon hours to get my garden landscape in the right manner?” Actually, not really. Whilst it might be easier to hire a gardening company in Westminster, SW1, if you do feel you have a few hours spare on Sunday to dedicate to your beautiful garden, here are a couple of tips we have combined for you, the busy professional, in order to have all your ducks in a row. That way you too, like everyone else, can enjoy your garden and its full aesthetic appeal.

•    Weed control is one of the biggest hindrances that anyone may face especially during the winter months. Whilst it is tempting and most of us love to stay indoors next to the radiator, weeds are doing their best to overpower all the grass in the vicinity and by the time the spring has arrived, you’re both horrified and shocked that this could have actually happened. The best solution to this is to buy a weed control application liquid that you can either pour into the soil or spray directly onto the weeds, to ensure that your garden in W1 is kept weed free and most importantly, clean!

•    Keep your garden as hydrated as possible! Now, just like we need 8 glasses of water a day, plants are also our friends and any good and reliable gardener will tell you that plants and especially your lawn need good dosages of water to keep them healthy and so that they do not dry up, go brown and die. Even if it is the middle of winter in the WC1 region and it is cold, unless it has rained recently, just turn on the hose for about ten minutes and give your lawn a good sprinkle so that your plants are well watered, just as you aim to be every single day.

•    Leaf clearance is another very important task that most people in Westminster overlook. They think that they can do their grass cutting and not worry too much about the leaves but then wonder why their drains and gutters are blocked a month into it. The simple and best way to do leaf clearance is with a large rake and you can use a pair of cleaning gloves and a plastic bag to pick up any wet or damp leaves that are on the ground and that the rake may just have missed out. Doing this ensures that your garden, aside from being mowed to perfection, is also clean of any residual mess.

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