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Growing Vegetables Indoors In Hounslow

28May 2015

If you have a green thumb but regret not having a big enough outdoors to have a vegetable garden in Hounslow, you will welcome the news that it is possible to grow food indoors. This also means that you don’t have to let winter months mean the end of vegetable gardening for you. But know that it is not the easiest way to garden and that the yields will probably not be as high as you would except on the garden. The biggest challenge of planting vegetables indoors is that they will not receive enough sunlight, and that there are not enough agents to promote fertilization, such as pollinating insects and winds. However, on the other hand, you can better control water and soil. There is, of course, the danger of pests and diseases invading the indoors but since you will be better equipped to keep an eye on the plants, you should be able to stop infestation or curb it before it becomes a major problem.

General tips for indoor gardeners in Hounslow, TW3
•    You will need containers of different sizes to grow different vegetables, depending on their growing needs. For example, shallow rooted greens will only need about 3-4 inches of soil under their roots but deep rooted tomatoes want at least twelve inches of soil.
•    Make sure the containers have good drainage.
•    Keeping a garden indoors is much different than outdoors garden maintenance. Use a good quality potting mix instead of garden soil.
•    Sunlight is of utmost importance if you want your plants to last through winter. Just putting them near a window that gets a lot of sun is not enough. The days are too short in winter and the sun too low in the sky to fulfill the plant’s needs for sunlight. So always use some supplement lighting, either a plant light or a full spectrum fluorescent light.
•    Avoid putting your plants too close to the window such that they are exposed to cold drafts in TW4 or too close to the radiator which could dry them out.

Plants that grow well indoors
Gardening experts will have you know that there are a number of vegetable plants that grow well inside the house in TW3, for example, bulbs like garlic and onions, carrots, hot pepper, lettuce, kale, beet, radish, basil, tomato etc. These plants will require less but careful garden maintenance. Since you will be planting many plants, it is ideal that you should choose a container that is long, like a window box. For reliable gardening in Hounslow it is important to keep the soil moist, so add a cover of dampened peat moss that allows for hydration and germination to take place.

Garlic is the easiest to grow. You simply need to plant the single cloves in about 1 inch deep soil in a container and water regularly. The sprouts should appear in a week, but let them grow to a height of 8-10 inches before you begin harvesting. Hot peppers and tomatoes, on the other hand, will need at least 10 hours of light each day and less water. Although the plants are self pollinating, you might need to lend a hand once in a while. They might also get top heavy during time of fruiting, so make sure you stake them. Lettuce is perfectly suited for shallow containers. Best of all, they can re-grow if you cut them once. Place soil at least 2-4 inches deep and gently press the seeds into the surface of the soil. Moisten it regularly and the new seedlings should appear in a week. When harvesting the crop, leave the centre in so that the plant can re-grow.

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