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Guide To Vertical Gardening

24Feb 2015

Do you have a green thumb that is itching to touch soil but you don’t have an open yard to develop a garden in? There is a way you can explore growing a garden in limited space - vertical gardening.  Vertical gardens are increasingly becoming a very popular horticultural trend over the last few years.  Because more of us are beginning to live in small apartments and houses with limited space, it makes sense planting a garden up a wall or a vertical fence. Vertical gardens are also perfect for growing your own herbs, you can plant in small pots and tear off a sprig or two when you need to. Whether you are renting or live in a small house with limited space, they can be very useful to cover up a shabby or empty wall space. There is no limit to how creative you can get with a vertical garden. Gardening services are increasingly catering to this kind of gardening, with more and more readymade wall hanging kits being available in the market.  But before you begin to garden vertically, you might want to get a good idea about what it is all about. Here we attempt to tell you everything you must know before you plant up.

Where can I grow a vertical garden?

Anywhere you have vertical space, really. Along empty walls, fences, side of the buildings – any vertical space that looks shabby or empty and in need of covering up. You can even use vertical gardens as a garden feature, that is, add a vertical aspect to the all flat garden. Vertical gardens are also handy on balconies and stairwells where the space may be limited. These gardens could have a variety of plants, from vegetables and herbs to colourful floral displays. Usually, you will use lightweight plastic pots so they can be easily supported on a frame and you could go up to a long height.

Will they require more garden maintenance?

Well, that solely depends on the kind of plants you select. Sturdy ones such as ornamental grasses and succulents require lesser maintenance than if you are trying to vegetables. It also depends on the kind of containers you use and where you put them. Each plant has a requirement of how deep the soil has to be for it to grow to its full potential and you must make sure your containers are big enough. Also, if you put them out in the direct sunlight or a place which gets strong winds, the water will evaporate faster an so you will need to water it more often.

What plants should I grow?

The ideal plants that will grow best in this situation are low growing, compact plants with shallow root systems. The kind of plants you choose will also be limited by the amount of sunlight you get. The plants that grow best in a vertical system are herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, succulents, garlic, azaleas, petunias, violas, cineraria, nasturtiums, ferns, mini mondo grass, begonias etc. As far as possible, try to grow plants with similar requirements together.

Will it leave marks in a rented house?

Vertical gardens are extremely light and portable, you can easily pull apart the mounting panel and unclip the pots from the framework. Depending on the kind of vertical system you select, you can either put the base of the frame on the ground or lean it up against the wall. Optionally, you can also hang them from above or attach them to a wooden frame sitting in front of a wall. Either way, you will leave behind minimal disturbance to the rented house.

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