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How And What To Plant In Your Vegetable Garden in Enfield

17Jun 2015

More and more people across the world are turning to gardening to solve the issue of spending money on a consistent basis to have their garden maintenance done. When you plant vegetables in your garden in Enfield, it is fruitful because it serves a twofold cause. Firstly, you can use them for your own consumption and secondly, you can sell the rest at the local farmer's market, if you choose. What is important is that you know how to plant these veggies after a garden tidy up as well as what to plant, before you embark on this journey. Below, we have listed a few tips to help you get started on how to do this.

Planting vegetables that are used across the board in dishes is something that is important as well as beneficial. Sometimes you may not always have the time to dash to the supermarket in Enfield to pick something up. You will also have peace of mind knowing that the type of soil they are grown in is organic and their growth is controlled too. No nasty pesticides or fertilizers that render any vegetable pointless to eat. Cabbages are one of the most popular veggies to grow in your garden in EN1. You don't have the hassle of doing much with them, as they need to be planted a month before summer starts. Beets are another popular choice for people. Sow them before the end of July as it takes a while for them to grow. When you need to store them, ensure that you have somewhere cold in the house to preserve them. Alternatively, you can soak them in tangy vinegar to ensure that they don't lose their flavour and also retain their colour.

Leeks should be planted at the end of summer because they are usually harvested at the end of autumn. They are a wonderful condiment to soups and are often used in many stews. Another popular favourite in the EN2 area are carrots. As they are growing in the autumn and the summer months, ensure that they are covered with straw so that they are not destroyed by the elements or eaten by small animals such as rabbits. Broccoli, peas as well as green beans are also vegetables that are planted often during hot and cold conditions. They are three veggies that are known for their ability to resist any type of weather adversity, so there isn't any issue with that.

Radishes and kale are also grown globally in gardens during gardening season in Enfield. Many of these vegetables are used in fresh vegetable juices as well as in salads and curries. Radishes are able to survive frost and mist, however won't take very well to extremely cold weather. Pluck them before winter arrives and store them in moist sand or in a very cold place in your shed or your house. When it comes to kale, is an interesting vegetable. Its leaves actually taste better as they harden up in the winter. Kale is fantastic because it survives the snow exceptionally well. When you are thinking of making fresh juice or adding it to salad, simply pick it out of the snow and thaw it. You will get an excellent taste.

Overall, when you look at how to plant any type of vegetable, you have to bear in mind that you always need to have and maintain fertile soil when you carry out your gardening in EN1. The plant may try to grow to the best of its ability; however it won't stand a fighting chance if the soil isn't appropriate! Make sure you carry out appropriate weed control too.

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