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How To Look After Your Garden In Haringey

15Apr 2015

Everyone wants to get a garden that they can be proud of, but if you haven’t got the greenest of fingers then the upkeep of your garden in Haringey can be quite stressful and time-consuming. If you want to ensure that you garden always looks its best then here are some fantastic easy and helpful tips to help you to get the garden of your dreams, no matter how skilled of a gardener you might or might not be!

1)    Clear your garden.
Keeping your garden in the N4 region free from clutter will greatly improve its appearance. Start by removing any debris such as fallen tree branches or litter. It’s worth wearing thick gardening gloves when doing this to prevent injuries. If you store items in your garden, such as gardening tools, patio furniture or children’s toys then why not invest in an outdoor storage box?  Having a storage facility in your garden is a great way to motivate yourself to keep your garden tidy, so have a look to see what outdoor storage solutions are available for your garden.

2)    Clearing weeds.
Once your garden is clear from clutter you can start to tackle the weeds growing in your flowerbeds, lawn and on your patio. Use gardening gloves and try to remove the weeds from the root where possible. Make sure to use a weed-killing product to prevent their regrowth. If you have pets, or if you’re worried about using weed-killing chemicals near your plants then try using table salt as an alternative.

3)     Planting your plants and flowers.
If you’re planning on planting in your garden in the N8 then it’s important to ensure that you have the ideal environment. Before planting, make sure you’re aware of the areas of your garden that see the most and least sunlight, as well as the wind patterns that your garden sees. This will help you to decide where it’s best to plant your flowers and plants. Once you’ve decided, take a small sample of your soil to your local gardening company to test its pH levels. This will help to ensure that you have the optimum conditions for planting.

4)    Tending to your plants and flowers.
Get the best for your plants and flowers by using an organic fertilising product, or make your own fertiliser and compost by recycling your old food products. You can also help to improve the moisture level of your soil, and stop weeds from growing, by using mulch at the base of your plants. Be aware that mulch can be an excellent place for pests to live, so check yours regularly and move it slightly further from your plants if pests are present.

5)    Hiring help.
You can make the most of your garden without having to lift a finger by hiring the experts. There are lots of companies in Haringey and the N22 district that can help you with gardening services such as lawn care, lawn maintenance and repair, trimming and hedging and more. Why not see if your friends or neighbours can recommend a gardening company for you, so that you can find your ideal garden care service? Your local companies can help you with everything from garden landscaping to garden waste collection, which can save you a lot of time and effort. Make sure you’re hiring a reputable company by asking for recommendations, or by reading customer reviews and comments online.

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