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visit Kew Palace

Discover the Elegant Charm of Kew Palace and Royal Botanic Gardens

If you live in London, or are a visitor and are wondering what to do with your free days between 10.30am and 5.30pm, then the answer should be pretty simple: visit the Kew Palace and the Kew Gardens. If you have wondered what a place of historical value and great beauty looks like, then these are the places to be and find out. The Kew Palace will provide you with the history lesson about George II and Queen Caroline, and the supposedly mad George III with whom the Palace is mostly associated with. And witness the grandeur of the Kew Gardens which will definitely leave you in awe after just a few minutes inside.

The Palace

With a rich history dating some 400 years back, the Kew Palace has quite a few things to teach and show you. You can explore the whole Palace and see its different sections, themselves made into separate attractions.

the Kew Palace

The Royal Kitchens are the perfect place to get acquainted with the food served way back to kings and queens. Get introduced to the Georgian culinary life, and the staff that lived there, along with the master cook and master scourer, and their offices in the Kitchens and their various functions.

See Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, based in a rural setting and built as a country retreat, with a large paddock that has a history of breeding many exotic animals as pets for the queens that stayed there: from Charlotte’s oriental cattle and pheasants to kangaroos. Later the Cottage became a popular place for walks as the paddock was turned into a most magnificent flower garden.

tower in Kew Palace

The Princesses’ Bedrooms will give you a look into the private quarters and life of George III and Queen Charlotte’s daughters. This section of the palace is still under restoration, but it will still be enough to startle you with the beauty of the princesses’ abode.

And to learn more about the Palace and its history, then the People’s Library is the place to visit. See the royal collection of books, and daily presentations and interactive videos about life in the Palace.

the Kew Gardens

The Gardens

If the Palace didn’t leave you enough awestruck, then the Kew Gardens definitely will. Visit the over 100 stunning world-class attractions which the world’s most famous Gardens offer. Here, besides startled every single time you enter a new location, you can get educated in reliable gardening by professional royal gardeners, and you can join the workshops there to learn many of the secrets of garden maintenance and landscaping.

botanical gardens

You can visit the rangoli workshops and learn about Indian gardening culture and the aesthetics of rangoli designs. After that you can continue the exotic journey with the Spice Exchange: a market and chai bar where you can acquire some of the thousands of spice jars on sale, or just relax and exchange stories and experience with the multitude of spice traders over a cup of chai.

Still not feeling the excitement? Well then, you should witness the full grandeur of the Kew Gardens by looking at them from a bird’s eye view from the Treetop Walkway. Or see the heart of the Kew inside the many glasshouses such as the Palm House, the Waterlily House, The Princess of Wales Conservatory, and the Alpine House. Or join the tours through the numerous galleries, historic buildings, art exhibitions, and amazing sculptures.


There is no dull moment when inside the Kew grounds. If not the history of the Palace, then the magnificence of the Gardens will definitely blow you away with their vastness and beauty. Visit the Kew Palace and Gardens and see why they are rightfully considered as world-class marvels.

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