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Top Tips For Enviable Garden Borders In Kingston upon Thames

30Jun 2015

Borders are the most important part of your garden in Kingston upon Thames, they can be the thing you think of first or the perfect finishing touch. Borders can create the illusion of extra space while adding colour and fragrance to any space. However big or small your garden is this helpful guide will help you get planting and well on your way to having the best borders in your neighbourhood.

-    Create the space. If you don’t already have space for borders, then you will want to mark out an area for them. Have them spread out along a fence or the outline of your garden in Kingston upon Thames, KT1, or they can be in front of hedges or larger shrubs. For the initial stages you may want to call in some gardening professionals to mark them out for you, they can also get down to a really good garden clean up so that your borders are ready to go without the hard work.

-    Weed control. If you have some borders already that have been unattended for a long time then you will probably need to tidy them a bit. Weeds can be pulled up with a bit of hard work and dedication. Alternatively you can get some help with weed removing products.

-    Trimming and hedging. If your borders are going to go in front of some hedges then it’s a good idea to trim them back a bit first. This will create more light for your new plants and create neater looking borders. If you have the tools and can do it yourself then it’s a great money saver, but if you don’t want the hard work then this is another good reason to call in some gardening experts.

-    Take the time to pick your plants. Browsing round garden centres in KT2 and looking in gardening magazines can be a great idea of the style or colours you might be looking for. You might want to stick to more shrub like plants and heathers if you have a large border in place. Or even go for a more layering technique and have taller flowering plants at the back. Or you can use stones and a layer of shrubs in front of them. If your borders in KT1 are a bit small then it’s a good idea to go for more colour and plants that add fragrance such as lavender.

-    Keep what’s inside looking good. Your borders are as good as what they surround so it’s important to keep everything else in top shape too. If they are lining a lawn then look into tips on lawn care to keep your grass looking at its best. Bordering plants that fall delicately over a luscious lawn really set each other off.

-    Maintenance. It’s important to keep your borders maintained throughout the seasons to keep them looking fresh. Remove any dead flowers during the spring and summer and look into some good plant feeder during the cooler winter months. Trim back any plants that need it so that you can be sure they will thrive again when the temperatures get warmer again. Get leaf clearance don quickly so as not to suffocate any plants.

-    Decide if you want some edging. Sometimes a nice neat border roll can really set off colours and keep your borders looking neat. There are plenty of styles to choose from and can be a really lovely finishing touch.

Borders can really spice up any garden in Kingston upon Thames and make even the smallest of spaces look professional. Most of all, when your borders are all done, sit back and enjoy. There is nothing like the flourish of colours and smells to help you relax and unwind.

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