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Garden Maintenance
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  • Regular garden maintenance
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Tree Surgery
  • Get your trees nice and neat
  • Professional tree maintenance
  • Competitive prices
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Hedge Trimming
  • All tools and equipment are provided
  • Dedicated and skilled gardeners
  • Perfectly shaped hedges
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Lawn Mowing
  • Weed-free lawn
  • Top gardening service
  • You'll get your lawn greener and neat
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What we do


Gardeners Kingston KT1

A garden is an important place in any home. It can act as the face of the residence, showing off to others and letting others know about the occupants. How you design and maintain your garden will say a lot about you and people just walking past your home can get an idea of you and make judgments based on your lawn, plants, etc. Ensuring that your garden is taken care of can be difficult. You will have to spend many hours every week to get rid of weeds, cut the grass, remove leaves, and so on. It can be tough to find time to do this and some people may not be physically capable of doing this. So, booking some professional Kingston, KT1 gardening services can be of great use.

Hedge trimming

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Garden maintenance

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Kingston KT1 Garden Design

Book Cheap Gardening Services in Kingston, KT1

If you face these setbacks but want your grounds looking their best, then call this number 020 3744 0111 now. You will find yourself speaking with us at Handy Gardeners, a top Kingston gardening team who can assist with all the chores you face. Our expert team can be deployed to your address and they will carry out everything from lawn mowing to garden landscaping.

Our Expert KT1 Gardeners Will Make Your Garden Look It’s Best

When you contact us on 020 3744 0111 we will be able to begin your KT1 garden maintenance. Our operators will run through advice and information about gardening so you can get a better understanding of what you have to do, what you need and so on. They will also go through all of our services in detail so you can understand what we offer and what would be useful for you. If you are interested in going further, we can provide a free quote. This will cover what you want from us, so you never have to pay for any service which you don’t need. This ensures a great price and that you get the help you need.

List of Services We Provide in Kingston, KT1

  • Garden Clearance in Kingston, KT1
  • Landscaping Design in Kingston, KT1
  • Outdoor Repairs in Kingston, KT1
  • Lawn Maintenance in Kingston, KT1
  • Leaf Clearance in Kingston, KT1
  • Hedge Trimming in Kingston, KT1

Kingston Reliable Gardening Services

Our gardeners operate all over Kingston, KT1 and are all professionals with years of experience when it comes to gardening. They have studied up all the relevant techniques and are familiar with everything that comes their way. They will be cooperative, flexible and helpful, and be equipped with all the best equipment and tools. The will perform your weed control, trimming and hedging, grass cutting, garden clean up, garden design, garden maintenance service, patio cleaning, lawn care and much more. To find out more about Handy Gardeners and to receive your quote, call us today.

Our Testimonials

Booked for hedge trimming in Kingston. Happy with their skills so far.

  • J. Covington
  • 08Feb 2021

Their garden landscapers removed some patio and replaced it with different stones. I thought it would be a tough, time-consuming and costly job in Kingston KT1. It probably would've been if I'd gone with another company. But it was nothing of the sort with Handy Gardeners.

  • J. Disick
  • 11Jan 2021

I'd always been told that hiring gardening services in Kingston KT1 would be pricy. I'm sure it would've been had I gone with another company. But hired the service I needed from Handy Gardeners and was able to make use of their great rates in the process.

  • S. Miller
  • 17Nov 2020

Handy Gardeners in KT1 is my new go-to landscaping service. Their team is well-trained and highly professional. They did a fantastic job on my garden. I will be using their services regularly.

  • Amelia J.
  • 24Sep 2020

The landscaping job done on our back garden in KT1 ended up to be more than I expected! We had some suggestions but ended up letting them have carte blanche with the rest, and I can't tell you just how amazing it all looks! Came together beautifully!

  • Michelle Clark
  • 08Sep 2020

Handy Gardeners is my favourite landscaping company in Kingston. The experience they bring is priceless. Thanks for always delivering the best.

  • Lance
  • 29Apr 2020

I have used their services a few times now, and they have done a remarkable job with my Kingston KT1 garden. I don't think it has ever looked so nice. They have very reasonable rates as well. I am sure I'll be using their services in the future.

  • Kari L.
  • 27Jan 2020

Undoubtedly one of the best landscapers in Kingston KT1. They've handled my properties with great success. I can't even imagine giving my properties to anyone else.

  • George B.
  • 10Oct 2019

Great to have such a professional operation in KT1. I've used them for lawn mowing twice now, and have been very happy both times. So much easier than doing it myself!

  • Lawrence
  • 05Aug 2019

We assigned them a gardening job in Kingston. To be honest, we didn't expect that they are that good. They have surpassed our expectations, and we are pleased with them.

  • David
  • 02Jul 2019

I now see why many people in Kingston say that you excel with garden design. You resurrected my dying garden. I am so grateful. Thanks a bunch!

  • Mia K.
  • 21May 2019

They are great when it comes to hedge trimming. Our hedges in Kingston are neat, and look quite fashionable, if that is possible for a hedge to be. Thank you Handy Gardeners.

  • Marv F.
  • 01Feb 2019

My garden in Kingston KT1 is my pride and joy thanks to your expert landscaping work. I love to invite people over and show it off, especially my backyard escape. No one can believe it when I tell them what a deal I got on the cost. You can bet you'll be hearing from my friends in the future.

  • Lindsay R.
  • 15Feb 2017

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