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Gardeners Merton Park SW19

Where all the professional companies demand an exorbitant remuneration from the customers to keep the quality of service high, we have tried to keep our prices on the lower side while ensuring that the quality doesn't suffer. Handy Gardeners believes in creating lasting partnerships with the customers in order to ensure a mutually beneficial professional relationship. This allows us to provide the best garden maintenance in Merton Park, SW19 without charging an unfair amount. Our gardening company offers great discounts to our loyal customers in an attempt to thank them for sticking with us and believing in us. Our professional Merton Park gardeners are committed to making sure that each time you request a service from us, it is nothing short of excellent. Feel free to call us on 020 3744 0111 to reserve an appointment.

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SW19 Landscaping Services in Merton Park

Book Cheap Gardening Services in Merton Park, SW19

A well-maintained garden is a reflection of a well-maintained house – the better the garden looks, the better your house seems. Although we invest a lot on our front lawns in getting them ready, we often fail to maintain them, often due to time constraints and sometimes due to lack of experienced gardeners in the area. However, if you are looking for Merton Park SW19 lawn care help, you are in luck as Handy Gardeners is one of the best gardening company around. We not only have experience and expertise in abundance on our side, we also offer our assistance at the most affordable prices. You can call us on 020 3744 0111 to make a booking, reserve an appointment or just get any relevant information.

List of Services We Provide in Merton Park, SW19

  • Garden Clearance in Merton Park, SW19
  • Landscaping Design in Merton Park, SW19
  • Outdoor Repairs in Merton Park, SW19
  • Lawn Maintenance in Merton Park, SW19
  • Leaf Clearance in Merton Park, SW19
  • Hedge Trimming in Merton Park, SW19

Hire Our Reputable Merton Park Gardening Company to Feel the Difference for All Your Needs

Maintaining your garden is not just about moving your lawn and planting pretty flowers in the flower beds every spring. While mowing the grass is essential, so is trimming the hedges and garden clearance among other things. We offer the best gardening Merton Park assistance including landscaping and tree surgery at the best prices. While proper landscaping will make your garden look like a million dollars, our tree service ensure the longevity of your trees. Both of these services need a lot of expertise and experience and should only be undertaken by professionals. If you are also looking for professional garden design SW19, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free quote.

The Best Gardeners across SW19 Region Do the Best Work

Often, a seemingly easy task is ruined by someone who lacks the craft or experience to handle the task. And as gardens are the reflection of our houses, it is important to get landscaping services in Merton Park done only by those who know how to do it. Our gardeners in Merton Park, SW19 are well trained professionals with years of experience and abundance of expertise and creativity up their sleeves. We are well known for the great work we have been doing and it is all due our experienced gardening staff who not only know how to take care of the most complex of gardens and lawns but also know how to be professional and friendly while working with customers. Call us on 020 3744 0111 to book Merton Park gardening services SW19 today or ask for a free quote.

Our Testimonials

I received quotes from several Merton Park lawn care services, but Handy Gardeners was the cheapest. Their landscapers were out yesterday, and they did a great job. I will be using them regularly.

  • Zoe Garber
  • 08Jan 2021

I would highly recommend Handy Gardeners to anyone in Merton Park looking for good quality and affordable gardening services.

  • Rebecca Getty
  • 13Nov 2020

They were very professional, from the onset and throughout. The garden maintenance team cut back a lot of overgrown grass and my hedges and just neatened my garden up. It sounds like a relatively simple job, but I put a lot on their plate. They managed it all in Merton Park SW19 and managed it superbly.

  • G. Gretten
  • 24Sep 2020

The gardeners that showed up were experienced individuals that were passionate about their craft. It was clear they took a lot of pride in their work, and they approached the work before them with a great deal of enthusiasm, and this didn't dampen down despite the weather. It was a pleasure welcoming this team into my garden in Merton Park.

  • Pia T
  • 20Aug 2020

Out of all of the lawn care services I have used in the past, Handy Gardeners has been the best. Their gardeners are fast and efficient, and the garden looks bloody terrific. Several of my Merton Park neighbours are now using their services too.

  • Olivia E.
  • 14Aug 2020

Handy Gardeners' gardeners completely transformed my backyard. I now look forward to weekends because I can just hang out at my back and have a good time. I highly recommend your gardening services to anyone in SW19.

  • Lilo
  • 20Jan 2020

The crew is super friendly and speedy. Handy Gardeners is the real deal. My Merton Park home looks so neat now.

  • Frida
  • 06Nov 2019

I needed a cheap but reliable company to help with a seriously overgrown lawn in Merton Park. Looked at a few different options, but I liked the sound (and prices!) of Handy Gardeners the most. Very pleased I choose them - the lawn is in control, and looking wonderful! Roll on the summer!

  • Cameron
  • 05Aug 2019

I have not seen anything bad to report about this gardening company. They approach their work with the correct mindset, they are friendly, and they are highly affordable. In Merton Park SW19, I do not have any alternative.

  • Dora
  • 01Jul 2019

Mark my words, if you are in Merton Park call Handy Gardeners. Highly recommended for landscaping.

  • Rachel
  • 10May 2019

Got my lawn moved by Handy Gardeners in Merton Park with a good deal for my budget. Fantastic lawn care service in SW19!

  • Anthony Z.
  • 27Feb 2017

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