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What we do


Gardeners North Woolwich E16

When it comes to North Woolwich landscaping services, our gardeners can bring the vision you have for your garden to life. They can do this because as part of our company, Handy Gardeners have a gardening expertise that makes sure the exact design and wish for your garden is the priority. We give you a reliable garden care service no matter what task you ask us to carry out, so whether you want gardeners E16 to completely revamp your garden space or whether you simply want someone to come round and give you a garden tidy up, then in each case we can help you out. We give you practical, reliable and expert assistance when you need it most and when you need it regularly all year round.

Hedge trimming

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Garden maintenance

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Gardening in North Woolwich

Book Cheap Gardening Services in North Woolwich, E16

We love gardens and taking care of people's gardens when they don't have the time to do it themselves or, perhaps, don't have the necessary skills to do it right. We also take great pride in giving you affordable gardening services North Woolwich E16 at amazing value prices you just won't find anywhere else. We can give you all the information you need and, at the same time, we would love to hear what you would like to be done in your garden, if you call 020 3744 0111 now.

Our Prices Mean That You Can Hire Our North Woolwich Gardening Company Time and Again

Apart from the technical expertise our North Woolwich E16 gardening professionals have, we give you a friendly, pleasant and welcoming service. It's a delight to know our gardeners are arriving whilst at the same time knowing your garden is going to get the makeover you desire or the complete overhaul you want it to have. From leaf collection to patio cleaning and lawn care North Woolwich, we are here for you and here for your garden.

List of Services We Provide in North Woolwich, E16

  • Garden Clearance in North Woolwich, E16
  • Landscaping Design in North Woolwich, E16
  • Outdoor Repairs in North Woolwich, E16
  • Lawn Maintenance in North Woolwich, E16
  • Leaf Clearance in North Woolwich, E16
  • Hedge Trimming in North Woolwich, E16

Choose Us for Excellent Garden Maintenance That Revitalises Your Garden in North Woolwich

It's often the little touches which can make all the difference to any garden space such as trimming and hedging which, when done by us, can make any hedge a stunning hedge. Yet, whether it's North Woolwich garden design you're looking for or something else, your satisfaction will be in the quality of work done, the quality of the overall service and of course, because of our trademark cheaper prices.

Proper Garden Maintenance in E16 Is Our Number One Priority

It all adds up to a superior experience when you come to our North Woolwich garden maintenance E16 and what's even better, is the knowledge that in the future you can come back to us time and again and you will always get the same level of superior service and wonderful low prices. Handy Gardeners is waiting for your call and by calling 020 3744 0111 you can also have any questions you'd like to ask.

Our Testimonials

Very happy with this landscaping company. They did a terrific job with my E16 property.

  • Mark
  • 25Feb 2021

It's so nice having a professional team from North Woolwich E16 do all my lawn care for me. It saves me a lot of time and means I can just get on with enjoying my lawn.

  • Deckard Hawes
  • 18Jan 2021

The garden landscapers at Handy Gardeners gave me such good advice about my garden upgrade project, and I'm pretty sure that it meant they'd get less income from it, so I am impressed that they put the needs of their customers above their profit. Definitely can't say that for all companies in North Woolwich E16.

  • Fran Coleman
  • 03Dec 2020

I've hired Handy Gardeners, have made use of their gardening services many times. They're the cheapest in my local area, are the best in North Woolwich E16 by far. I've used them for many different jobs, and they've never let me down.

  • Stanley U.
  • 27Oct 2020

I love how well the experts at Handy Gardeners do at lawn mowing. My home in North Woolwich has a big lawn. I could never do a better job by myself. Keep up the good work!

  • Alan Felton
  • 17Sep 2020

Two green thumbs up for this most awesome team of landscape gardeners! Just a terrific job was done with our yard in North Woolwich.

  • Terri Bower
  • 24Jun 2020

Very lucky to have found these gardeners in North Woolwich E16. I'll be certain to tell others about them.

  • Edward Sloan
  • 10Feb 2020

Handy Gardeners' gardeners go out of their way to bring out the best of any garden. They also have one of the best customer services in E16.

  • Jose
  • 13Dec 2019

I contacted Handy Gardeners on short notice for gardening services in North Woolwich E16. They did a fantastic job. Quality services, I will definitely hire their services again. I will also not hesitate to refer you.

  • Brie
  • 10Sep 2019

What an amazing gardening service at E16. Handy Gardeners did a wonderful job in getting the garden turned over, and the hedges are looking magnificent, thanks to their efforts. It will be my pleasure to recommend to you!

  • Adele Tomlinson
  • 31Jul 2019

We had a fantastic experience with them in North Woolwich E16. They are the best gardeners.

  • Kate Farewell
  • 28May 2019

Highly appreciate the work from Handy Gardeners. Had trouble getting hedge trimming done to a decent standard in North Woolwich but this company is excellent.

  • Milton Smith
  • 07May 2019

The best gardeners in North Woolwich E16! Chose their lawn mowing service because it was cheap and reliable!

  • Doris
  • 16Feb 2017

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