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What we do


Gardeners Wapping E1W

No matter what kind of garden you have, we can help you to make it look incredible. A lot of our work is based around Wapping landscaping services E1W. We find that our customers come to us with city gardens, which can be in interesting shapes, and are perhaps not as big as the client would like. Our job is to use our Wapping gardening skill and years of experience to work out the best way in which to lay out the garden, to ensure that its space and use is maximized. Efficient use of a garden is perhaps not something that you had thought much about, but the fact of the matter is that it is essential!

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E1W Gardeners in Wapping

Book Cheap Gardening Services in Wapping, E1W

How can Handy Gardeners make that space more useful to you? We may build a shed for you that fill the space, or perhaps plant a rockery in the area, which makes a feature of the space. These are specific things, but it shows how we think about your garden. Our gardeners E1W are experienced in all manner of space and its uses, so you are always in good hands with us. We know that the best way to get your backyard looking great is to see it in real life, so call today on 020 3744 0111 and we can organise a visit.

List of Services We Provide in Wapping, E1W

  • Garden Clearance in Wapping, E1W
  • Landscaping Design in Wapping, E1W
  • Outdoor Repairs in Wapping, E1W
  • Lawn Maintenance in Wapping, E1W
  • Leaf Clearance in Wapping, E1W
  • Hedge Trimming in Wapping, E1W

Our Wapping Gardeners Continue to Exceed Expectations

Whether you need garden design in Wapping, E1W or not, we can help you in keeping the place in perfect condition. You will find that the results of our excellent experience in the industry mean that we are able to keep your garden looking absolutely perfect at all times. With this in mind, you may want to book one of our regular garden maintenance Wapping services. They are excellent for getting little bits and pieces done around the backyard that you may not have the time to attend to.

Solving Your Gardening Service Woes in E1W

We find that with many gardens, time is the key, as the client has issues with getting out there and attending to the smaller jobs that build up. Sadly enough, it is these jobs that need to be done before the fun things can be sorted. For instance, you can lay a beautiful lawn if the ground is rocky and bumpy, so you have to spend ages clearing it out and leveling it. Why not get Handy Gardeners to do Wapping E1W lawn care for you? Call on 020 3744 0111 now for the best Wapping gardening services.

Our Testimonials

After Handy Gardeners came to my property in E1W, after the patio cleaning service, my patio was gleaming, didn't have any marks or a speck of dirt on it. It was a brilliant service, one I very much appreciated.

  • S. Royce
  • 10Dec 2020

The landscaping job was handled superbly. Based on the quality of the work in Wapping E1W, I'd thoroughly recommend their team to anyone in need of a professional service.

  • Frank D
  • 27Oct 2020

I am really happy that I decided to hire a wonderful landscaping team from Handy Gardeners. They have been doing an incredible job at my E1W property, and they have some of the fairest rates in the area.

  • Colleen B.
  • 18Sep 2020

Excellent job. This is a talented team, and I will be using this Wapping gardening company again very soon.

  • Dom Flynn
  • 14Aug 2020

Excellent gardening skills, top of the line equipment and moderately priced - all make for a very good, overall experience. Their landscaping team did it all, and my land in Wapping E1W certainly shows it. Thanks.

  • Jack Mintz
  • 19Feb 2020

You can only get the best gardening services from Handy Gardeners. They qualified and can work on almost any type of garden disaster you could ever think of. The best in Wapping E1W.

  • Kalahari
  • 06Jan 2020

Handy Gardeners' workers did the best hedge trimming I've ever had in Wapping E1W. Will use them again!

  • Bill Smythe
  • 28Oct 2019

I hired them for garden maintenance, a few weeks ago, and the quality of work was outstanding. They left the property in E1W looking really good.

  • Rio S.
  • 02Aug 2019

I am moving to Wapping so I talked to Handy Gardeners about their lawn care services because I love to walk around the yard during the day and night, and don't want to trip over large bushes, so they were able to handle my requests and were not expensive.

  • H. Nichols
  • 05Jun 2019

Got a great service in Wapping this week. Your gardeners are green fingered miracle workers!

  • Kristy
  • 09May 2019

Easy to work with gardeners who offer cheap gardening services in E1W and deliver outstanding results! Would highly recommend them to people in Wapping who are on a budget!

  • Joan L.
  • 22Feb 2017

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