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Gardeners Chadwell Heath RM6

In order for humans to operate properly, they need all of the space that they can get. A cramped area is one that’s not very nice to live in - anyone who’s been in a cluttered house will know what that feels like. It’s the same story with the garden as well. It shouldn’t be a dumping ground, it should be a sanctuary; a place to unwind after a hard week. An excuse to enjoy the sunshine that we rarely get. If you feel your garden does need a tidy, then give our Chadwell Heath gardeners a call. Our gardening services in RM6 are inexpensive and easy to hire, so why not give it a shot? It is worth it if you find yourself overburdened by your hectic schedule.

Hedge trimming

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Garden maintenance

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Gardeners Company in Chadwell Heath

Book Cheap Gardening Services in Chadwell Heath, RM6

We don’t just provide tidy ups. At Handy Gardeners we have many talented RM6 garden design experts and garden designers on our team, so we can provide plenty of gardening services. Such as grass cutting and general lawn care in Chadwell Heath and garden maintenance RM6. We offer regular lawn cutting on a basic level, but a full on lawn maintenance package for those with a lawn that’s seen many better days. This package includes garden spraying, reseeding and weed control.

List of services we provide in Chadwell Heath, RM6

    • Garden Clearance in Chadwell Heath, RM6
    • Landscaping Design in Chadwell Heath, RM6
    • Outdoor Repairs in Chadwell Heath, RM6
    • Lawn Maintenance in Chadwell Heath, RM6
    • Leaf Clearance in Chadwell Heath, RM6
    • Hedge Trimming in Chadwell Heath, RM6

Hire some Chadwell Heath Professional Gardening Assistance!

To anyone who has privets and hedgerows as a prominent feature; they’re beautiful to look at, and have more character than a wall or fence. But they are hard work to keep. With our gardeners on your side, this doesn’t have to be the case. This service starts at some basic planting and re-design, and goes all the way up to thorough landscaping services RM6. Choose one depending on the level of your ambition. Each of these services are available to hire from Handy Gardeners. We do our best to offer the highest quality and professional Chadwell Heath gardening in RM6, and thanks to customer feedback, we feel we’ve been doing a good job. One last time; the number you have to call is: 020 3744 0111.

Our Testimonials

We wanted a lovely built-in pool, which we got. Afterwards, we decided to make a gorgeous grove surrounding it, to create a nice paradise for ourselves in Chadwell Heath, complete with a privacy fence so we could go skinny dipping at midnight or something. I think their landscapers read our minds and fixed us up with the perfect greenery and landscape lighting!

  • Bogart
  • 12May 2020

That is a really great landscaping service! These guys are the least expensive in the RM6 area, and their gardeners do a terrific job.

  • Judy Meltzer
  • 03Feb 2020

The guys from Handy Gardeners did an incredible job on my RM6 area garden. It looks perfect, exactly what I had envisioned. If you need a garden design, these guys are the ones to call.

  • F. Jenson
  • 15Nov 2019

When I needed help with garden care, for my home in Chadwell Heath RM6, I left it up to Handy Gardeners, and they did a really great job for us.

  • Kristina G.
  • 14Aug 2019

The gardeners at this company made my garden a place that I can now sit and enjoy at my home in RM6.

  • Jennifer W.
  • 30Jul 2019

I would highly recommend their services in Chadwell Heath if you need any garden design help because they have the experience, tools, and know what they are doing.

  • T. Everett
  • 27May 2019

Off the charts!!!! I never thought I'd get my parents' yard in Chadwell Heath back into shape. I mean, they can't do it anymore, just too much for them. Thank you, I totally appreciate your landscaping service!

  • R. Boyd
  • 27Feb 2019

Their garden design team in Chadwell Heath gave my garden a complete makeover. I'm delighted with the result and the low cost! Now my outdoor space in RM6 is perfect for my needs!

  • Tina P.
  • 09Feb 2017

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