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Tree Surgery
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Hedge Trimming
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What we do


Gardeners Kentish Town NW1

Taking care of your home can be tough. It can involve spending many hours each week cleaning up all the mess, clutter, dust, dirt, stains and more. This can take its toll on you but it is not everything you have to do. Gardening Kentish Town also plays a big part in this and if you abandon its maintenance then it will make your entire abode look unattractive. Leaves can build up, dust and dirt can get everywhere, the grass can become overly long, weeds will grow and more, so you have to be ready to tackle all this. It can be tough to find the time and you may not have the means or strength to do it. This shouldn’t be an issue though because Handy Gardeners can help.

Lawn mowing

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Landscape gardeners

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Kentish Town Gardeners NW1

Book Cheap Gardening Services in Kentish Town, NW1

Once you call us on 020 3744 0111 you'll see your Kentish Town gardening will become more simple. We are an expert firm who can send reliable gardens to your address who can tackle every chore for you. Our team will do the work so you don’t have to, providing a first-class results without any work needed on your behalf. Over the phone, we will fill you in on everything you need to know about our services as well as give you advice and useful gardening incaution. Our Kentish Town garden maintenance can be just what you need.

Gardening Care from the Experts in Kentish Town

Our Kentish Town gardeners can come to your address whenever you require and they can assist with every aspect. If you need help with your patio cleaning, lawn care NW1, garden waste removal, Kentish Town garden designs services, grass cutting, garden spraying and much more. They can come and help you with these chores regularly, so your patch of land always looks its best. They can also carry out Kentish Town landscaping services, so you can transform your garden and add new features with our help.

List of services we provide in Kentish Town, NW1

    • Garden Clearance in Kentish Town, NW1
    • Landscaping Design in Kentish Town, NW1
    • Outdoor Repairs in Kentish Town, NW1
    • Lawn Maintenance in Kentish Town, NW1
    • Leaf Clearance in Kentish Town, NW1
    • Hedge Trimming in Kentish Town, NW1

Kentish Town Gardeners are Here for You

Our staff are all trained professionals who know the ins and outs of the business. They will bring all the necessary tool such as seeds, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, trowels, hedge trimmers and much more. They know all the proper techniques and will carry out the job fully, carefully and safely. You can book Handy Gardeners gardening services NW1 when you call on 020 3744 0111 and we will provide a free estimate to ensure you get the right help and a competitive price.

Our Testimonials

Cheap gardening service in Kentish Town. They handle all garden duties at a good price.

  • Herb Leonard
  • 08Feb 2021

After being treated to a tremendous job at the hands of Handy Gardeners and their garden landscapers in NW1, I'd recommend this company to anybody and everybody, and would certainly use them again whenever I'm in need.

  • O. Jamieson
  • 11Jan 2021

Excellent quality gardening services. I like being able to support a local company in Kentish Town, and these guys do such a great job.

  • Jenna Andrews
  • 13Nov 2020

I hired these landscapers at the insistence of my best friend. She uses their services, and even I must admit that she has one of the most stunning gardens in all of Kentish Town NW1. They are fairly inexpensive and get the job done quickly.

  • Anna R.
  • 24Sep 2020

Efficient in both cost and work. They never leave a mess, which is good because I use them for garden waste clearance in Kentish Town, mostly. Handy Gardeners knows what's up, and prices are fair.

  • Phil T.
  • 08Sep 2020

We hired Handy Gardeners to do our landscape at our backyard in Kentish Town. The gardeners did a phenomenal job, and we were very pleased.

  • Regean
  • 29Apr 2020

The guys at Handy Gardeners are really fantastic at what they do. They literally transformed my Kentish Town NW1 garden. I would definitely recommend their services.

  • Jessa Foster
  • 27Jan 2020

Got their name from a neighbour in Kentish Town NW1 who also uses their gardening services. I personally found that Handy Gardeners did a great job with my greenery.

  • Paulette B.
  • 10Oct 2019

Got a fabulous service in Kentish Town from Handy Gardeners today. Really pleased with how quickly they managed the lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Will be putting more business their way soon!

  • K. Price
  • 05Aug 2019

The company actually understands what the clients want. As soon as we discovered them and we booked for most of our hedge pruning projects across Kentish Town NW1. Very happy with the work they did, we will continue to hire them.

  • Calisto
  • 02Jul 2019

Handy Gardeners in Kentish Town continues to impress me. It's refreshing to finally meet someone who knows more about roses. I am hooked for life!

  • Trevor Jefferson
  • 21May 2019

Handy Gardeners single-handedly transformed my garden in Kentish Town from one with weed overgrowth to one of beauty with their clever hedge trimming skills!

  • Grace M.
  • 01Feb 2019

I was looking for someone to do garden maintenance in NW1 when I came across this company. Every week the gardeners arrive right on time to my home in Kentish Town to take care of everything and don't leave until my garden's immaculate.

  • Genevieve Shooter
  • 07Feb 2017

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