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Gardeners Lewisham SE13

Much of the time, the one off Lewisham gardening jobs that we do here at Handy Gardeners is in order to tidy and manage a customer’s garden. If you have found that over the winter, your garden has become overgrown, and you want to find a way to get back into it for the summer, then you should have a think about getting us around, as we provide extensive clearance with a view to opening up your garden again! We deal with weed control, lawn care SE13 and bed digging, so that you can start your garden afresh, planting the flowers that you love, and setting it all out to your own design. Hire our landscaping services in Lewisham on 020 3744 0111 for more information.

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Gardening Company in Lewisham SE13

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Part of having a tidy looking garden is ensuring that all of the borders and edges throughout the space are correctly maintained. Part of this is trimming and hedging the bushes that set out the garden. Knowing how to go about this can take a fair bit of training and experience, and our Lewisham gardeners are proud to say that our team have exactly that, so your hedges are in excellent hands.

Lewisham Garden Tidy Ups for Excellent Prices

It is often best to avoid going for the larger jobs like this if you do not have an idea as how to do it. lawn restoration and repair also falls under the garden maintenance SE13 division of what we do. You will usually find that these parts of the gardening usually take a fair amount of skill and concentration, so it is always worth getting a professional to do it initially.

List of services we provide in Lewisham, SE13

    • Garden Clearance in Lewisham, SE13
    • Landscaping Design in Lewisham, SE13
    • Outdoor Repairs in Lewisham, SE13
    • Lawn Maintenance in Lewisham, SE13
    • Leaf Clearance in Lewisham, SE13
    • Hedge Trimming in Lewisham, SE13

SE13 Trimming and Hedging from Professionals

Call us at Handy Gardeners on 020 3744 0111 for an excellent series of offers and prices for our various Lewisham gardening services. You should find that the best way to get an excellent price is to talk to a team of professionals who are friendly and experienced enough in the industry to appreciate that there is a benefit for everyone involved to reduce certain prices, and to get the SE13 garden design services that you require sorted properly.

Our Testimonials

I have a few fruit and nut trees at my home in Lewisham and depend on your troop of gardeners to keep them healthy.

  • Paul Torloting
  • 22Jul 2021

Top-notch lawn care. The perfect solution to a gorgeous yard in Lewisham SE13 if you are busy and don't have the time to maintain one yourself.

  • D. Berman
  • 26May 2021

My Lewisham rental property is too far from my home to make regular visits, so I hired Handy Gardeners to handle the landscaping needs. They are always professional, and they keep the property looking fabulous. My partner and I recommend them!

  • Devon D.
  • 25Feb 2021

I asked about a good gardening company on a local online group in SE13, and so many people recommended Handy Gardeners. I can 100% see why they've done a great job with my garden.

  • Ralph Litten
  • 18Jan 2021

Best gardening services I've used in Lewisham. Handy Gardeners is affordable, and offer a high-quality service. The team know what they're going and I rest easy knowing my garden is in safe hands.

  • Clara Jacobson
  • 03Dec 2020

I'd thoroughly recommend these gardeners. I've used them for several jobs in Lewisham. They help me maintain the gardens in my properties. Every time they come around, they leave a positive impression.

  • S. Sleet
  • 14Oct 2020

When we built our new home in SE13, we decided to hire this landscaping service. They got the job done in less than a day at a rate that was half what other similar services were charging. Thanks a lot!

  • Mike and Penny Oliver
  • 17Sep 2020

Handy Gardeners is a nice landscaping service in Lewisham. We now have a pretty yard.

  • Emily R.
  • 23Jun 2020

They performed their lawn care maintenance to perfection here in SE13! Will recommend.

  • Lacey
  • 31Jan 2020

Great job, always on time, and they are quite affordable given the amount of work they put in at my house in Lewisham.

  • Blake
  • 06Dec 2019

If you need garden design help in SE13 like I was looking for, then try these guys.

  • Carly T.
  • 14Aug 2019

Had the privilege of seeing your green-fingered gardeners at work on my garden in Lewisham today. It's positively glowing with health these days. Thank you, kindly.

  • Kristin Daley
  • 31Jul 2019

Handy Gardeners was prompt and they replied to my mail fast. They visited site and made a reasonable quote. They are highly efficient and delivered one hundred percent. Highly reliable in Lewisham.

  • Paul
  • 28May 2019

Handy Gardeners you are the best! Thanks so much for sending your gardeners to sort out my jungle in Lewisham.

  • Nicole R.
  • 07May 2019

Of all the local gardening services I've tried in Lewisham, Handy Gardeners are the best I've found anywhere in SE13. Quick, reliable and experts in all things gardens!

  • Harvey L.
  • 10Feb 2017

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