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Gardeners Keston BR2

As a well-established BR2 gardening company, we are pretty positive that we can give you a great deal of value for money. There is a huge amount that you will be able to gain from having regular Keston gardeners in, and the fact of the matter is that having a professional garden maintenance BR2 service will always be better than breaking your back by trying to get the job done yourself! With this in mind, we can assure that there are ways in which we can match your budget for gardening services in Keston, whether it is for a once of overhaul the garden, laying beds, and planting flowers, or a weekly checkup. Sometimes if you need a head start, but if you are not so green fingered, then you should look for our professionals!

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Garden maintenance

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Gardeners Services in Keston

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Many people want a beautiful lawn, but few have the time, resources and knowledge to maintain one! Especially with the strange weather that Britain gets, it can be impossible to know exactly what to do to your lawn, and when! We have the requisite experience and knowledge to be able to lay your lawn and ensure that you are getting a great deal on your products for maintaining it. If you need, we can check up on it, and ensure that all is going ahead smoothly. Call our Keston lawn care team on 020 3744 0111 to find out more.

List of services we provide in Keston, BR2

    • Garden Clearance in Keston, BR2
    • Landscaping Design in Keston, BR2
    • Outdoor Repairs in Keston, BR2
    • Lawn Maintenance in Keston, BR2
    • Leaf Clearance in Keston, BR2
    • Hedge Trimming in Keston, BR2

Excellent BR2 Garden Clearance from a Team or Real Professionals

If you are in need of Keston landscaping services, as many people are, then give us a call on 020 3744 0111 for a case by case quote. Many people feel like their gardens are too over run with weeds and overgrown lawns to even contemplate getting back in there and sorting it out. We can come in and clear it for you, even helping with further weed control and lawn spraying. We can leave you with a blank canvas to work from, allowing you to craft your garden yourself, or we can help you get it started. As with all of these things, you need to get in touch with us to find out how we can help, but once you have discovered Handy Gardeners you will want BR2 garden maintenance Keston until it is a picture of perfection!


One moment, my garden in Keston BR2 resembled a forest. The next, it was a beautiful, tranquil space I could revel in. I have their terrific garden maintenance professionals to thank for that.

  • S. Stones
  • 07Jul 2022

I had garden landscapers add a flower bed in Keston BR2 with nothing but my namesake flowers, "daisies", and it turned out nicer than I thought!

  • Daisy Jones
  • 22Jul 2021

Fantastic lawn care service! They truly did exceed my expectations, and the prices for Keston were right up my alley.

  • Ricardo Ramirez
  • 26May 2021

Their lawn care experts are some of the most professional I've had the leisure to work with. They have done lovely work at my BR2 rental properties. I would recommend them.

  • Eric
  • 25Feb 2021

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