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Gardeners New Cross SE14

Phone us today on 020 3744 0111 to chat with one of our professional gardeners and receive a non-obligatory quote on your patio cleaning as well as SE14 gardening maintenance services, allowing you to rest knowing that your beautiful and loved garden is being taken care of by highly trained experts with years of experience under our belt. Offering a large array of gardening services in New Cross that will fulfil your every gardening need, allowing you to enjoy your time and doing the things you love, without having to worry about taking sorting out the garden, is something we at Handy Gardeners excel at.

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Garden maintenance

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Gardeners Company in New Cross SE14

Book Cheap Gardening Services in New Cross, SE14

Call us today on 020 3744 0111 to discover how our New Cross gardeners can clean your patio, hassle free and show you the benefits of garden clearance as well as having a shiny patio that will impress anyone. Clean patios are totally underrated as over the years, grime and dust collect up into them. Having your premises, be it residential or commercial, cleaned by our reliable New Cross garden design team our latest technology allows you to enjoy the benefits of having your property value jump up instantaneously for an economical price and saving you lots of wasted money and time in trying to achieve that professional look all by yourself. Looking professional and clean from the outside especially if it is a commercial premise, will ensure that people take you in a much more serious light and are willing to pay higher rates as well as respect your place more. Remember, appearances matter! Don’t let yourself down.

The Best Patio Cleaning in New Cross

Having a fast, efficient and professional way to clean your patio is completely underestimated today. Did you know that it takes on average of around a couple of seconds for someone to decide if they would even walk into your place, be it your shop or your home? We may think that we are evolved past silly appearances and facades, however appearances matter the most when it comes to impressing others. From landscaping services New Cross to SE14 lawn care, we offer everything you need to make sure your garden looks beautiful.

List of services we provide in New Cross, SE14

    • Garden Clearance in New Cross, SE14
    • Landscaping Design in New Cross, SE14
    • Outdoor Repairs in New Cross, SE14
    • Lawn Maintenance in New Cross, SE14
    • Leaf Clearance in New Cross, SE14
    • Hedge Trimming in New Cross, SE14

Renowned South London’s New Cross Gardeners: A Professional Touch to Your Garden

Patios become dirty over a period of time and lose their sparkle and even after using all the chemicals and acids to scrub yours clean, you may not be able to. Avail yourself of the luxury of having a professional company like Handy Gardeners to do all the back-breaking, hard labour for you, allowing you to enjoy the rest that you deserve. Patio cleaning SE14 is both important and necessary for a clean and healthy, environment. We pride ourselves on being the best New Cross garden designers in the area. For more information you can contact us on 020 3744 0111.

Our Testimonials

Booked them for leaf cleanup, among other duties in SE14. Their gardeners are cheap, fast and thorough.

  • Augustin Richards
  • 22Jul 2021

My previous SE14 had nothing on the expert landscapers from Handy Gardeners. They've done an amazing job with my property, it's nearly unrecognisable. I'm sure I will be using their services again in the future.

  • Emily Leeds
  • 04Jun 2021

Affordable prices and some of the best landscapers in the business? Yep! These guys are absolutely fantastic. They take care of my SE14 property and do a good job every time.

  • Sharon
  • 25Feb 2021

Excellent hedge pruning and management service from a very reasonably priced company in New Cross.

  • Leo Fitzwallace
  • 18Jan 2021

I tried doing hedge trimming myself but was useless, so figured I'd hire someone to do it properly. After talking to a few companies in SE14, Handy Gardeners came out on top in terms of price and availability. They've done a few tasks for me now, and I am very pleased.

  • Roland Gales
  • 03Dec 2020

Everyone I had the pleasure of dealing with from this gardening company was pleasant and helpful. Hiring them in SE14 was a massive help.

  • G. Bruce
  • 14Oct 2020

I wanted to expand our garden at our home in New Cross SE14 but I didn't know how to start. My husband called Handy Gardeners to help. Their gardeners not only helped to expand our garden but also gave us some great advice for planting new flowers and vegetables. We can't thank you enough!

  • Sierra and Wynne Harden
  • 17Sep 2020

First-class lawn care team from Handy Gardeners. The guys are punctual when arriving at New Cross and can work without supervision.

  • Connor Fisher
  • 24Jun 2020

Fast lawn mowing in New Cross SE14. Crews are trustworthy, so no worries about damage to the property plus they clean up nicely.

  • Danny Collier
  • 10Feb 2020

Handy Gardeners understood what I was looking for, and together with the gardeners, we were able to transform my lawn into my dream lawn. They worth every penny!

  • Brunch
  • 13Dec 2019

For any SE14 lawn mowing needs I would try these guys, they're great at what they do.

  • Martha W.
  • 14Aug 2019

Bought them in for lawn care in SE14 and have had no cause for complaint with either the prices or their work. Recommended.

  • Brooke
  • 31Jul 2019

This firm sent brilliant gardeners to our property. They are reliable and efficient when it comes to gardening services. I recommend them in New Cross SE14.

  • Kate Irongate
  • 28May 2019

Must admit I had really let things get out of hand due to me being away a lot (and laziness)! Your gardeners are amazing, coming over to my place at New Cross at such short notice and getting the grounds looking fantastic again in a limited amount of time is truly awesome. Thanks to all of you for everything.

  • Kelly Roy
  • 08May 2019

No fuss, low priced gardening services company that does exactly what it says in New Cross. Thanks

  • J. Pilkington
  • 07May 2019

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