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What we do


Gardeners North Harrow HA1

The successful garden landscaping our North Harrow gardeners carry out is a result of many years experience as well as an expertise that is very hard to find. We take great pride in the popularity of our services because, we feel, it shows we're doing a good job in addition to the excellent feedback which we receive. Yet, every new job we carry out is the most important job and you can be sure that whether you're wanting North Harrow garden maintenance HA1 or patio cleaning carried out, the expertise we bring to the task, means the end result is a better result.

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HA2 Lawn Care in North Harrow

Book Cheap Gardening Services in North Harrow, HA1

Gardening HA1 is all about doing the right jobs at the right time and doing them correctly. It's why we make sure we are available for you whenever you want us to be there. When you decide it's time that you had hedge trimming and pruning done, one phone call to 020 3744 0111 and you'll know you’re through to the professionals who give you the service you need. Handy Gardeners excels in everything it does because we understand our high standards are the least you expect and deserve. Let us be your North Harrow HA1 garden design company and we promise you'll get the best help possible for your garden.

List of Services We Provide in North Harrow, HA1

  • Garden Clearance in North Harrow, HA1
  • Landscaping Design in North Harrow, HA1
  • Outdoor Repairs in North Harrow, HA1
  • Lawn Maintenance in North Harrow, HA1
  • Leaf Clearance in North Harrow, HA1
  • Hedge Trimming in North Harrow, HA1

All North Harrow Gardening Jobs Carried Out Expertly Well

There are some jobs when it comes to gardening services North Harrow that can be time-consuming as well as physically demanding. One such job is leaf collection which can often take longer than expected. It's why you're so much better off calling our company and letting us take care of leaf clearance for you. It's not only that we make it more practical for you in having someone else do it, our prices make it more practical for you because they are so low.

We're the Cheaper Yet Better Lawn Maintenance Company in North Harrow

The beauty of our landscaping services North Harrow HA1 lies in the fact that you have professionals who make it affordable for you to hire them and in turn this means you can afford to hire our experts time and again. So no matter what job you want carried out in your garden and how often you need a particular job done, we'll be there for you at a time and date which suits you.

Garden Care in HA1 of Every Kind

We can take care of complete North Harrow HA1 lawn care services for you just as we can be there for the smaller but just as essential jobs that need to be carried out. Let us do the work for you and you can simply enjoy the end result. Handy Gardeners are the gardeners that are the best in the business. Call us now on 020 3744 0111.

Our Testimonials

I'm so glad I paid for professional garden design help in North Harrow HA1. It's made a world of difference to my garden and was much cheaper than expected.

  • Haley Magritte
  • 18Jan 2021

The landscape gardeners at Handy Gardeners are brilliant. I told them I want a new garden but had no idea where to start. They had so many great ideas and showed me examples of other work they'd done in HA1 for inspiration, and now I'm so excited about my new garden!

  • Wyatt Grove
  • 03Dec 2020

The hedge trimming service from Handy Gardeners was brilliant. I was struggling to find a company to trim my hedges in North Harrow HA1 for a decent price. That was until I was pointed in the direction of this company. They were in and out quickly and completed a top job.

  • P. Wexler
  • 27Oct 2020

My garden in North Harrow HA1 was good, but thanks to this company's help, it now looks amazing! I can't sing their praises loud enough!

  • Andrea Parker
  • 17Sep 2020

We highly recommend them for all your outdoor gardening needs. When we called them out to North Harrow to see if a bearing wall would improve our property, we were so impressed with the meeting, that we had them design the entire back yard!

  • Rory James
  • 24Jun 2020

Handy Gardeners using the latest equipment and technology. None of that old, nasty rusty rake and hoe. After just a few hours, my yard in North Harrow HA1 began to show the signs of revitalization! Highly recommended.

  • Dwight F.
  • 10Feb 2020

I would recommend Handy Gardeners to all of my friends and family in HA1. Their knowledge of almost every single plant I had in my garden was quite impressive.

  • Lopez
  • 13Dec 2019

Handy Gardeners have the best prices in North Harrow HA1. The gardeners were very professional and swift. Loved them!

  • Pikeh
  • 10Sep 2019

A super gardening service in HA1. My next-door neighbour and I both use you regularly for lawn mowing and we couldn't be happier with the job you do. Thank you to you all.

  • Imelda Garth
  • 31Jul 2019

I contacted the gardening company in North Harrow after inquiry. I am pleased with the service of Handy Gardeners and their response.

  • Bateman Lisa
  • 28May 2019

Taking the time to listen to the customer and what they want is something that Handy Gardeners in North Harrow do well. Their garden design team is outstanding and offer the best service. Thank you and great work.

  • Hillary P.
  • 07May 2019

Very satisfied with the landscaping work completed in HA1. Handy Gardeners never let me down in North Harrow and worked until everything was done properly.

  • A. Kelly
  • 09Feb 2017

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